Fans call out LeBron James on Twitter for supporting multiple NFL teams

Los Angeles Lakers v Indiana Pacers
Los Angeles Lakers v Indiana Pacers

LeBron James has played for multiple NBA teams in his career. Therefore, it would make sense for him to pull for some ex-teammates at times. However, he's been caught red-handed bandwagoning teams in the NFL, a more egregious offense to most sports followers. In response to a recent tweet, a fan called out James for supporting a number of NFL teams in the past. The tweet is gaining traction.

Fans call out LeBron James for bandwagoning

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

A number of fans are calling out James on Twitter, demanding that he choose one team to root for like any serious NFL fan. Here's a look at some of the responses posted on James' tweet.

Of course, like with any public stance, there are advocates and detractors. One fan is defending James as he has limited time and doesn't want to spend his little free time watching a team get blown out week after week. On the other hand, following sports can be done in a split second in today's world. One can check their team's scores in a few seconds, shake their heads and move on.


Lots of people are busy with their day-to-day lives and don't enjoy spending their few precious hours of free time watching their team get lost in translation as the years go by.

As such, with all of the debates raging around sports at any given time, one thing that most people agree on is supporting one team per sport. Even if some people quietly swap teams in frustration, they publicly support the idea of one team at a time.

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That said, bandwagoning is rather common place in the NFL. Teams that don't win have a harder time filling stadiums than teams that do win. Teams that go to Super Bowls sell more jerseys than teams that are perennially challenged in the NFL.

When teams fall from grace, like the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints or Kansas City Chiefs, their fan bases get unhappy quickly. They attracted plenty of bandwagon fans during their rise, and at the first sign of trouble, the team shakes free a large number of fans that were only there for the good times.

Of course, the Patriots and Chiefs have rebounded and thus brought back their fanbases. However, when it seemed that the run was over, bandwagon fans abandoned the ship.

Put simply, most would say to pick one team to cheer for and avoid switching teams. If they switch teams, they will have to fight through some jeers from others, but they should be anticipating this as the cost of joining the winning side.

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