Madden 22: Top 5 rated teams

Super Bowl LV
Super Bowl LV

Madden 22 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games this fall. The changes from Madden 21 look impressive, and it looks like a whole new game instead of just a carbon copy of the previous one.

We've covered the top-rated rookies and overall players for Madden 22, and that just leaves the top overall ratings for each NFL team. New Orleans were the top team when Madden 21 was launched, and the Super Bowl champion Chiefs were just third.

Will the defending champions Tampa Bay take the top overall rating, or can Patrick Mahomes add this to his growing list of Madden accolades?

Five highest overall team ratings in Madden 22:

#1 Kansas City Chiefs - 91

Patrick Mahomes has been a cover athlete twice, joined the 99 Club, and now his team has the best rating in Madden 22.

Despite a 31-9 Super Bowl loss to Tom Brady and the Bucs, the Chiefs should have added enough to their roster to warrant the top rating. They still have two 99 Club members from Madden 21 in Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

They did add major playmakers in Orlando Brown Jr, Joe Thuney and Kyle Long, but they still lack roster depth.

#2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 90

Tampa Bay falls in as a close second to Kansas City, and it wouldn't be a surprise if they do end up with the best rating in Madden 22.

The team is praised for being the first one to bring back all 22 starters (23 if you include Antonio Brown). Unlike Kansas City, the Bucs' roster is solid from top to bottom, but there are quite a few older players and one-year contracts.

#3 Buffalo Bills - 87

The Bills weren't even a top-10 team last year but find themselves as the third-best team in Madden 22.

There haven't been any announcements on who the 99 overall players are yet, but Stefon Diggs has a strong case after being a 97 last year. Buffalo were one of the hottest teams in the league last year and made it all the way to the AFC Championship game.

Their roster has great depth, but there are also some weak links like TE.

#4 Baltimore Ravens - 87

Baltimore were also an 87 last year that put them at #4 as well. The Ravens were the NFL's leading team in rushing yards but lost a big contributor in Mark Ingram.

They balanced out the roster in offense with key WRs like Sammy Watkins, Rashod Bateman and Tylan Wallace. The offensive line got two new faces in Alejandro Villanueva and Kevin Zeitler.

Their rating could be much higher in Madden 22 if the rookie receivers pan out well with their ratings.

#5 Seattle Seahawks - 86

Seattle Seahawks could also have a 99 player in Jamal Adams, one of the best DBs from 2020. If not in Madden 22, Adams could be a 99 in Madden 23.

They filled a hole at TE with Gerald Everett and added more depth to an already stacked WR position. The offensive line and CBs are questionable, though, despite adding OL Gabe Jackson.

Honorable mentions for other impressive Madden 22 ratings

The Denver Broncos should go from a 79 to an 83 this year, thanks to an impressive roster. If they had a quality starter at QB (or traded for Aaron Rodgers), they could have made a play for Seattle's spot.

The Jacksonville Jaguars did select the best QB and arguably the best RB from the draft. They had a rating of 74 last year but should be closer to an 80 this year. Their roster still has a was to go until they get an elite rating.

Miami had a 76 in 2020 and also put together a sound roster over the years. An 80 doesn't seem too far-fetched for them as they look to knock the Patriots down the totem pole.

Meanwhile, for the New England Patriots, the addition of rookie QB Mac Jones and TEs Hunter Henry gives their rating a boost from a 76 to an 80 in Madden 22.

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