5 Rookies Predicted to Have the Highest Madden 22 Rating

Madden 22
Madden 22

Madden 22 will be released on August 10, 2021 but fans will be more interested in July 6th: the Madden 22 rating release video. Everyone will want to know who joins the "99 Club" and what this year's rookie class will be rated at. Here are the five rookies who are predicted to have the top Madden 22 rating.

5 Best Madden 22 Rating Among NFL Rookies

Trevor Lawrence, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

You would expect the #1 pick in the draft to always own the best rating among rookies, but that is not always the case. Quinnen Williams was drafted third overall and had the best rating with an 80. The top pick was Kyler Murray, who had the eighth-best with a 73.

Trevor Lawrence is being talked about as one of the best college prospects to ever be drafted. As one of the most NFL-ready players, his rating should be the best among this year's rookies.

Last year's top pick was Joe Burrow with a 76 rating, best among the rookies. Lawrence is a better prospect than Burrow and his Madden 22 rating of 81 is rightfully earned.

Kyle Pitts, TE, Atlanta Falcons

Kyle Pitts may be the best receiver from this draft class after being drafted #4 overall, but could a TE have the best rating? The last TE drafted within the Top 6 in the Madden-era was Vernon Davis in 2006 and his rating was 86.

Don't expect to see Kyle Pitts' Madden 22 rating being higher than Lawrence's. However, Pitts still deserves a high rating and should tie Lawrence with a Madden 22 rating of 81. He's the best receiver in the draft class and could be in the "99 Club" in the future.

Penei Sewell, OL, Detroit Lions

Penei Sewell was drafted at #7 by the Detroit Lions and may have gotten the best non-skilled player in the draft. Andrew Thomas from the Giants had the best rookie rating out of the offensive linemen at 71.

Sewell is far superior to Thomas, who was claimed to have been drafted too soon. Outside of C Frank Ragnow, Penei Swell would have the best Detroit OL rating with a Madden 22 rating of 81.

It's not unusual for several rookies to have the best rating. Madden 19 was the last to have more than two rookies with ratings over 80 (Quenton Nelson 83, Saquon Barkley 82, Baker Mayfield 81, Roquan Smith 81).

Ja'Marr Chase, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

Ja'Marr Chase was a favorite target for Joe Burrows back at LSU and that was part of the reason the Bengals drafted him. Chase was the first WR taken in the draft.

Burrows and Chase should rekindle their connection in the NFL and become one of the more successful duos in the league. Chase's Madden 22 rating should be around a 79. If he was taken by any other team, the rating would fall to around a 77 or 78.

Zach Wilson, QB, New York Jets

Zach Wilson was drafted second overall and blew away every scout that watched him. His Madden 22 rating would be in the top 3 among rookies, but he hasn't had that many games as a starter.

Still, the Jets saw enough in him to draft him at #2 and be their immediate starter. His Madden 22 rating won't be terrible, though, and should warrant a 78.

On July 6th, we'll see how close these Madden 22 ratings are to the actual ones, but these five should have the highest (in some order).

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