3 reasons why Steelers should sign Cam Newton to replace Ben Roethlisberger

New England Patriots v New York Giants
New England Patriots v New York Giants
Bethany Cohen

The Pittsburgh Steelers made significant moves this offseason to right the wrongs they suffered at the end of the 2020 NFL season. After a come-from-behind win in Week 1, it has been a string of bad luck for the Steelers.

Despite having dug themselves into the bottom of the AFC North with a 1-2 record, head coach Mike Tomlin feels there isn't a need to hit the panic button just yet. However, with 39-year-old quarterback Ben Roethlisberger out with a lat injury and no reinforcements to cover for him, it may be time to think about other options under center.

With quarterback Cam Newton still a free agent after his release from the New England Patriots last month, the Steelers may want to consider taking a look.

There are things that Cam Newton brings to a team that the Pittsburgh Steelers don't have on the active roster.

3 reasons why the Steelers should consider signing QB Cam Newton

#1 - Mobility

Even without his injury, 39-year-old Ben Roethlisberger's mobility hasn't been 100% in recent seasons. Newton has speed and can make plays happen with his legs. With the Steelers offensive line having blocking issues, having a mobile quarterback would be key to keeping the offense running well.

"Go get Cam now! If I'm the Pittsburgh Steelers, go get Cam Newton right now."Steelers fans, do you agree with @stephenasmith? 🤔

#2 - Depth Chart

The Pittsburgh Steelers currently have four quarterbacks. Mason Rudolph and Dwayne Haskins are there behind Roethlisberger. Veteran backup quarterback Josh Dobbs is currently in IL.

While Rudolph has the most experience running the Steelers offense the last few seasons, there are still plenty of question marks over him. The same goes for Haskins, who lost his starting job with Washington.

Signing Newton, a former NFL MVP, could bring the depth that the Steelers currently need. It might also work out to be an option for the future.

The #Steelers had ten drops vs. Cincinnati, including three in a row on their final possession. #Bengals WR Tyler Boyd said the Steelers gave up: "The last plays of the game for them, they gave up. You could see it."

#3 - Stability/Youth

Cam Newton is young enough to be a long-term option at quarterback. With a young offense, having a stable option under center would be the key to being successful in the AFC North.

With a young receiving core and a rookie running back, Newton would have plenty of offensive weapons to utilize plus the ability to make plays happen. It would be refreshing for a team that has had the same successful quarterback since 2004.

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