"Aaron Rodgers has a victim complex" - Former NFL player compares Packers QB to inept 30 Rock character

Pittsburgh Steelers v Green Bay Packers
Pittsburgh Steelers v Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has seen his share of praise and residual attacks over his 1.5 decade-stretch in the NFL. The latest pundit with a problem with the quarterback is Dominique Foxworth. He didn't attacking Rodgers for his play on the field; instead, Foxworth was critiquing the way Rodgers handles the conversation off of it.

Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens
Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens

While speaking on ESPN's Get Up talk show (per Awful Announcing), Foxworth went on a dense three-minute monologue about Aaron Rodgers. Foxworth called Rodgers out for playing the victim in his situation with the Packers. Foxworth outlined all of the solid players on the roster and proceeded to say Rodgers was acting like a character from 30 Rock, which was a sitcom that ran for seven seasons (October 11, 2006 to January 31, 2013) on NBC.

“He’s a really good quarterback, you can’t argue that point. I don’t know if you guys watched 30 Rock, but there was the “The Bubble” episode where Jon Hamm was so handsome that he could do or say anything and everyone pretended like it made sense. Like, Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball, it is so handsome, and he thinks that he can say or do anything. It’s at the point where we start to believe that maybe Brian Gutekunst has failed him. But in actuality, no!”

The amusing comparison illustrated Foxworth's point in clear terms. Basically, he said that Rodgers' ability to throw the football has convinced his supporters to take his side on all matters. Their logic is, because he can play football so well, his points matter more.

Some of Rodgers' "diva" antics have included his "immunized" stance against COVID-19, the comments he has made during his weekly appearances on The Pat McAfee Show, and his talking about retirement while his team is likely in contention to compete in the Super Bowl.

Analyzing Aaron Rodgers' career with the Packers

In Rodgers' time with the Green Bay Packers, he is 138-65-1. The quarterback has thrown for 445 touchdowns and 93 interceptions. Under Rodgers, the Packers have been to the playoffs 10 times. They've won a Super Bowl in 2011 against the Steelers (31-25). In the last two years, the Packers have made the conference championship twice.

Rodgers has thrown for 33 touchdowns and four interceptions this season. Last season, the quarterback threw for 48 touchdowns and five interceptions. Rodgers has only had two seasons in the NFL in which he's thrown more than 10 interceptions. Both of those years occurred before 2011 during Rodgers' initial learning curve.


Put simply, no one can deny what Rodgers has done on the field. Dominique Foxworth is simply arguing about what that level of play earns one off the field.

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