"He clearly rubs people the wrong way" - NFL analyst condemns Baker Mayfield's attitude

NFL analyst condemns Baker Mayfield's attitude
NFL analyst condemns Baker Mayfield's attitude

Baker Mayfield has been the topic of some controversy, specifically this off-season with the debacle with the Cleveland Browns. The breakup between the Browns and Mayfield began when the Browns reported that they wanted an "adult" at quarterback, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. Mayfield rubbed the Browns' front office the wrong way, and they aren't the only ones who think that.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says Baker Mayfield and the Browns are breaking up because the Browns want an “adult” at QB

Former NFL scout John Middlekauff compared the attitudes of quarterbacks Mitch Trubisky and Baker Mayfield on 3 and Out and said that the latter rubs people the wrong way.

Middlekauff said:

"Mitch is just a normal, likable player. Baker clearly rubs people the wrong way whether it's ego whether it's false bravado, whether it's arrogance, I don't know. But to me, Mitch, people like him... Baker clearly... it's very hit or miss on that. No one's ever said that Mitch is not mature. Right. But Baker is dramatically better. Mitch is not an accurate player. Mitch does not have great touch, there are throws that Mitch Trubisky simply does not make now. Did Brian Daboll and the Bills just fix them overnight? I doubt it."

Middlekauff added that the two are different players, with Baker being a better thrower and Mitch being a better athlete.

Middlekauff added:

"But if they did then it'll be pretty impressive. Ultimately, when healthy Baker's just a much better thrower of the football. Now Mitch, better athlete, can move, you know, has some positives that Baker does not, but ultimately, you get paid in the league to throw the ball. And I just do not trust when Mitch drops back to throw the ball to the right spot. "

The Browns and Mayfield have indeed reached the breakup point. They acquired quarterback Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans last month, and he's set to be their franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future.

Baker Mayfield's attitude stems from his college days

Oklahoma v Texas
Oklahoma v Texas

Mayfield has been full of controversy since his college days. Mayfield has done several things that have made scouts, fans, players, and the media roll their eyes. Who could forget when he planted an OU flag on the Ohio State logo in midfield?

Baker Mayfield plants the OU flag in the Ohio State logo at midfield

Another memorable moment came when he taunted Kansas with a crotch grab. The Jayhawks refused to shake hands during the coin toss, which could have ignited Mayfield's inappropriate behavior.

Perhaps Mayfield's most notable incident in college was when he got drunk and was tackled by a cop. He was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

It's safe to say Baker Mayfield isn't the most likable guy, and it has come to haunt him as many teams don't believe he's the right leader for their team as a quarterback.

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