Crowd boos Bebe Rexha at Thanksgiving game

Bebe Rexha gets booed by NFL fans for underwhelming halftime performance
Bebe Rexha gets booed by NFL fans for underwhelming halftime performance

NFL Thanksgiving games are a bit of a tradition by now for now as they get to see electrifying performances by some of their favorite artists like Bebe Rexha. She was one of the artists performing at the Thanksgiving halftime game, making her an important part of the day for NFL fans. However, judging by their reactions, not everyone was happy with Bebe Rexha's halftime performance.

However, she was on the receiving end of some boos. Not many fans at the venue (Ford Field) could see Bebe Rexha while she performed. As a result, they booed her, unhappy with the preparations.

Bebe Rexha was getting boo’d here in Detroit for not even being visible from the crowd during her performance. Lmao.

The setup was made in a corner, which essentially made it difficult for anyone to see her. Considering there were many Rexha fans present in the audience, many were left disappointed. Traditionally, the artist performing sets up their stage on the field.

Most celebrations are elaborate and include a bunch of backup performers and special effects one can use.

Rexha, on her end, was nervous about the performance. She recently also performed at the AMAs, and an NFL game is a much different environment.


Rexha performed during the Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills game, with the Bills securing a 28-25 win.

Of course, some fans did like her performance, letting her know that they were indeed very proud of Bebe Rexha.

Apart from Bebe Rexha, who else performed at the halftime show?

Rexha wasn't the only superstar performing at an NFL Thanksgiving game.

While Bebe Rexha was a part of the Lions-Bills game, the Jonas Brothers performed for the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants game. Tyler Hubbard performed at the Minnesota Vikings-New England Patriots game.

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The Vikings, Bills, and Cowboys took home the wins.

That being said, the Jonas Brothers were extremely excited to perform for the NFL again. Though they dream of performing at the Super Bowl, this was just as nerve-wracking. Especially since they reunited on stage as a group.

"We couldn't be more excited to return to AT&T Stadium and play The Salvation Army halftime show," the Jonas Brothers said. "We are honored that our performance will help raise awareness of the great need that exists and encourage everyone to donate to The Salvation Army to make a difference in their communities this holiday season and all year long."

Hubbard, too, was excited about his performance.

"I can't wait to be on the field entertaining the crowd on Thanksgiving Day," Hubbard says in a statement. "What a special opportunity, and I appreciate the Vikings and the NFL for inviting me to be part of this Thanksgiving tradition".

With the season being over with their performances, fans can only speculate about next year's lineup.

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