"That's enough of that s***" - Bruce Arians unhappy about Tom Brady putting body on the line on run plays

Buffalo Bills v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Buffalo Bills v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady and rushing for yards is not a sentence that is usually said. Known for his less than athletic ability on the open field, Brady is seen as more of a field general.

Against the Bills on Sunday, Brady had seven rushing attempts for 16 yards and a touchdown in a 33-27 overtime win over the Bills.

Head coach Bruce Arians spoke post-game about Brady rushing for extra yards and his response was exactly what every Buccaneers fan would be thinking.

“Yeah, that’s enough of that sh*t," Arians said. “He doesn’t like it that much (running) but get your a** on the ground.”

Brady runs for fun in Bills win

Better known for his supreme ability to adjust at the line of scrimmage and dictate what opposing defenses do, Brady and running are not the best duo. But on Sunday, Brady showed a clean set of heels several times against a Bills defense that left huge gaps for the 44-year-old quarterback to run through.

Brady spoke after the win about his running plays, and although he stated he likes doing it, he would much rather hand the ball off or throw it.

“Yeah, it’s been pretty unlike me for a long time, but I kinda like getting out of there and making a couple plays,” Brady said.
“One was a first down play, another was a third down play, Brady continued, "but I would much rather hand it to the running backs let me just say that or throw it to the guys who are much more talent with the ball in their hands then I do.” (sic)

In total, Brady had seven rushes during the win, with one coming on a third-and-two to keep the drive alive for his team. The 16 yards he accumulated for the game might not seem like much, but watching Brady rush was worth one's while.

While this is not likely to be a weekly occurrence, it will give opposing defensive coordinators something to think about. Not only will they have to worry about Brady passing through their defense, they will also have to account for his legs as well.

With the win, Brady and Tampa moved to 10-3 on the season to take full control of the NFC South. Leonard Fournette (19 carries, 113 yards, one touchdown) and Chris Godwin (10 rec, 105 yards) helped propel the Bucs to yet another impressive win, even though Brady and his rushing will be the highlight of the game.

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