Ciara Wilson get flamed by fans for UN visit- "Cheap pop star"

Ciara Wilson
Ciara Wilson's recent appearance at the United Nations has fans upset.

Ciara Wilson has been a fierce advocate for sustainability and saving the environment. The singer recently made a visit to the United Nations, where she spoke on behalf of her mission to help the planet.

The United Nations official Instagram account posted a photo of Wilson on Wednesday. The post commended the singer for her efforts toward 'sustainable consumption'. But, fans were not happy with the post or her involvement in the project.

"Sustainability is a way of life. That was one of the messages @ciara shared during her recent visit to #UnitedNations Headquarters in #NYC. As a member of our SDG Circle of Supporters she agrees with us that sustainable consumption is key to achieving the #GlobalGoals, our blueprint for a better world for all. From reducing waste and pollution to helping shape a new circular economy, each and every one of us can #ActNow to help protect our planet and our future."

The comments on the Instagram post weren't all positive. With some referring to her as a 'cheap popstar'. Others doubted that she led a sustainable lifestyle and questioned the United Nations' motives. There were, of course, some Ciara fans who jumped into the comments to show their love for the singer.


But, for the most part, those on Instagram weren't happy with the United Nations focus on sustainability and perhaps using a singer as the face of the campaign to do so.

Comments left on the United Nations Instagram post about Ciara Wilson's sustainability campaign.
Comments left on the United Nations Instagram post about Ciara Wilson's sustainability campaign.

What is Ciara and Russell Wilson's sustainable fashion line?

As COVID-19 lockdowns rapidly locked down the world, many took on new hobbies and initiatives. For Russell And Ciara Wilson, they put their focus on the future. Mainly the environment and world that their children will be growing up in.

The Wilson's created "The House of LR&C" fashion line. A sustainable line of fashion that they teamed up with Christine Day to produce. The brand only uses faux fur and strays away from all animal products.

A percentage of the profits also goes back into initiatives to help communities across the country.


It's also carbon neutral, meaning the production of the line will never damage the environment or cause pollution.

Earlier this year, the House of LR&C was honored with the Sustainable Award at the 27th Annual ACE Awards. For their work to create clothes that are making a positive impact on our planet

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