"He is fighting for himself and his career" - Colin Cowherd on Ryan Tannehill's reluctance to mentor young QBs

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Rams
Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Rams
Robert Gullo

This week, Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill was asked about being rookie quarterback Malik Willis' mentor. Tannehill responded by saying it isn't his job to mentor him.

“That’s part of being in a quarterback room, in the same room. We’re competing against each other. We’re watching the same tape. We’re doing the same drills. I don’t think it’s my job to mentor him. But if he learns from me along the way, then that’s a great thing.”

Colin Cowherd spoke about Tannehill saying he isn't Willis' mentor. He agreed that it isn't Tannehill's job to mentor his future replacement.

Cowherd said:

"It's not his job to develop his replacement. There's only about 32 starting quarterback jobs in the NFL, and some fluctuate week to week. But for veteran quarterbacks, and Tannehill is a sneaky old 34, the average salary is $27 million. I'm not going to give that up anytime soon. They just traded his star receiver. He's sneaky old. He's been hurt before. They just drafted his replacement. Ryan Tannehill suffered for his life and fighting for his career. He just lost the home playoff game and admitted he had to go to therapy. He is fighting for himself and his career. It's not his job to develop his replacement."

The Tennessee Titans could have drafted Malik Willis with the intention of replacing Ryan Tannehill

LendingTree Bowl - Liberty v Eastern Michigan
LendingTree Bowl - Liberty v Eastern Michigan

It was kind of surprising to see Malik Willis land in Tennesse and be drafted by the Titans.

With the No. 86 overall pick in the 2022 @NFLDraft, the @Titans select Malik Willis! 📺: 2022 #NFLDraft on NFLN/ESPN/ABC

While some people thought Willis would be the first quarterback taken in the draft, potentially in the first round, it took wasn't until the third round when Willis heard his name called and by a team that not many people had expected.

Coming out of college, Willis was a prospect similar to Josh Allen and Carson Wentz in the sense that he played at a smaller college and is viewed as a "work in progress." Maybe the Titans' plan is to have him sit behind Tannehill for a year or two and develop and eventually replace him.

Tannehill is 34, has had some serious injuries in the past, and hasn't won a playoff game in the last two seasons. His most recent loss vs. the Bengals in the playoffs put him in a dark place.

Ryan Tannehill said he was in a dark place after the loss to the Bengals. Tannehill said he had gone to therapy before but felt this was the first time he really needed therapy to get out of the dark place he was in. #Titans

Tannehill said he had gone to therapy, following the divisional round loss to the Bengals. Tannehill had a terrible outing, going 15-of-24 for 220 yards with a touchdown and three interceptions.

Cowherd is right. It seems like Tannehill will be fighting for his life this season.

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