Could Aaron Rodgers lose State Farm endorsement due to COVID fiasco? Data suggests that could be the case

Green Bay Packers vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers vs. Cincinnati Bengals
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Aaron Rodgers has found himself in a world of trouble after lying about his vaccination status. The NFL has placed some very strict protocols in place for the 2021 season, and Rodgers has broken many of them.

One of the biggest rules that must be adhered to is that a player cannot engage in any outside promotional shoots of any kind if they are not vaccinated. Rodgers recently filmed another commercial with his long-time sponsor, State Farm.

State Farm may now have to cut ties as a result of Rodgers lying about his vaccination status within the NFL.

How much trouble is Rodgers in for lying about being vaccinated?

Even though State Farm is its own company and may not have to adhere to NFL practices, they may not want to see a huge backlash for allowing Rodgers to so willingly break covid protocols.

According to recent reports by Apex Marketing, Rodgers is now only appearing in 1.5% of ads shown on TV that are made by State Farm. That is surprising considering his partnership with them has lasted nearly a decade.

Rodgers' mysterious disappearance from many State Farm commercials may be a result of the backlash they are already receiving. The insurance company may just be gearing up to officially part ways with Rodgers. As a result of lying about getting the vaccine, Prevea Health dropped Rodgers as their spokesman.

An announcement from Prevea Health and Aaron Rodgers regarding their partnership.

Rodgers also recently went on the Pat McAfee show, where he rattled off many of his beliefs in regards to the covid vaccine. Things were not made better by his interview, and that likely led to Prevea Health dropping him.

State Farm will likely follow suit, being that they do not want their company involved with Rodgers, especially since he is bringing a ton of negative publicity to himself.

The NFL is to investigate the matter further, and they may be forced to suspend Rodgers for further games. He was recently placed on the COVID-19/RESERVE list, and did not play against the Kansas City Chiefs.

If Rodgers used a fake vaccination card, or the Packers knew about him being unvaccinated and covered for him, then there could be a great deal more discipline coming. That could include massive fines and Rodgers being suspended for further games.

The moment @AaronRodgers12 lost Terry Bradshaw. “You lied to everyone.”

State Farm will likely drop Rodgers to save face, and the same might be said for his other sponsorships. Bottom line: don't lie about being vaccinated.

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