Dalvin Cook domestic abuse: Vikings RB and ex-girlfriend accuse each other of physical assault

Minnesota Vikings v Baltimore Ravens
Minnesota Vikings v Baltimore Ravens

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook and his former girlfriend are locked in a case of domestic abuse following allegations that the star back abused his former girlfriend, which ended in her receiving a concussion at his home last year, according to reports via ESPN on Tuesday.

Dalvin Cook's ex-girlfriend files domestic abuse lawsuit against Vikings RB

The woman in question, Gracelyn Trimble, filed a lawsuit against the 26-year-old running back, according to reports, accusing him of false imprisonment, battery and assault. The incident in question happened in November 2020.

Gracelyn Trimble, 29, accused Cook of "giving me a concussion, leaving a scar on my face and taking me through hell," according to Trimble now wants the Vikings player to take accountability for his actions and fulfill monetary damages.

What is rather unusual is that both Trimble and the Vikings running back did not file charges with the police when the incident happened in 2020. Trimble only filed the lawsuit on Tuesday.

An ex-girlfriend of #Vikings RB Dalvin Cook alleged that he physically abused her, causing a concussion and holding her hostage in his home a year ago. Cook's attorney counters that Cook was the victim of assault that night. More here from @StarTribune:…
Via @rochelleolson of the @StarTribune: Dalvin Cook's ex-girlfriend attached the following Instagram conversation in her lawsuit against Cook:

Lawyers say Dalvin Cook was the actual victim of domestic abuse

As with most stories, there are two sides to this. After the reported lawsuit was filed, Dave Valentini, Cook's attorney, said that it was the running back who was assaulted by Trimble after the Vikings star alleged that his ex-girlfriend illegally broke into his home and then later tried to extort him for over a million dollars.

Valentini then added, "While Mr. Cook and Sgt. Trimble had a short-term relationship over several months, she became emotionally abusive, physically aggressive and confrontational, and repeatedly attempted to provoke Mr. Cook."

Dalvin Cook's attorney says Cook was the victim of assault that night, and that he was defending himself after she entered his home without his consent, punched and Maced him, then held him hostage with a firearm.…

With news of the lawsuit breaking late on Tuesday night, the Minnesota Vikings released a statement on the incident.

"We recently received notification from Dalvin Cook’s legal representative regarding a situation that occurred between Dalvin and a female acquaintance in November 2020 and led to an ongoing dispute between the parties. Upon learning of this, we immediately notified the NFL. We are in the process of gathering more information and will withhold further comment at this time," the statement read, per

Where exactly this leaves the running back's playing future remains to be seen. The Vikings may have to be without their star running back as the case moves forward.

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