"I can't see Pittsburgh" - NFL analyst predicts where Aaron Rodgers might end up being traded 

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
Robert Gullo

With Aaron Rodgers possibly on his way out of Green Bay this offseason, there are many potential teams linked to acquiring him -- the Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, and Cleveland Browns, just to name a few.

ESPN's Dan Orlovsky, however, doesn't think Pittsburgh is an ideal fit for Rodgers' next landing spot.

" I can't see Pittsburgh," said Orlovsky.

It seems like the two scenarios that would make the most sense for Rodgers, if he decides to leave Green Bay, would be joining the Denver Broncos or the Cleveland Browns.

Wherever Rodgers goes, he has to ask himself one question: Is this team (that I'd be joining) better than the roster and pieces I have now in Green Bay?

NFL analyst thinks the Pittsburgh Steelers aren't a good fit for Aaron Rodgers

Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders
Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders

Dan Orlovsky, a former NFL quarterback for 12 seasons who is now an ESPN analyst, shared his thoughts on the Packers quarterback's situation. In an article published Tuesday by ESPN's Rob Demovsky, Orlovsky gave his input on the landing spots for the Super Bowl XLV winner that would make sense, and Pittsburgh was not one of them.

The pool of teams is going to be interesting, because how many teams can he go to that you think it's, at least, a lateral move? Brady upgraded in talent from New England. Where can he go that's going to be, at least, a lateral move? I think you go maybe Cleveland and Denver. I can't see Pittsburgh, I just can't. Their offensive line and the talent is just so substandard in Pittsburgh right now."

Orlovsky thinks Rodgers will stay put in Green Bay, stating that he has the ultimate power and is the best quarterback in football:

"It seems like he's got the ultimate power. And right now, he's the best quarterback in football. So I think you stay there, one, because you understand how good the coach is and how good the scheme is."

Contrary to Orlovsky's comments, Green Bay's Number 12 landing in Pittsburgh wouldn't be bad for either side. The whole point of him leaving Green Bay is to join a team that is already in "win now" mode and that is proven. The Steelers were the only team listed above to make the playoffs last year, and they did so with sluggish quarterback play from an old Ben Roethlisberger.

The Steelers have a young roster of talent on both sides of the ball. On offense, they have second-year running back Najee Harris, who piled up over 1,300 yards last season. Second-year tight-end Pat Freirmuth had seven receiving touchdowns while falling a few yards short of 500 receiving yards as a tight-end. The Steelers receiver-corps are stacked as usual -- Dionate Johnson, Chase Claypool, James Washington, and JuJu Smith-Schuster, if he decides to return.

On defense, they have T.J. Watt, who broke the single-season sack record this year. Other stars on their defense include All-Pro Cameron Hayward, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Devin Bush.

"The natural landing spot for Aaron Rodgers, the best place for him to start fresh, is in Pittsburgh. He could do a package deal with Davante Adams. Mike Tomlin is the type of coach Rodgers would thrive under. It'd be best for the Steelers, Rodgers & the Packers." — @kevinwildes

Could Aaron Rodgers end up staying put in Green Bay after all?

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers

So much attention is focused on the signal caller leaving Green Bay. One scenario the media hasn't talked about is the possibility of the three-time MVP winner staying in Green Bay. If the Packers franchise-tag or sign Davante Adams to a long-term deal, that certainly increases the 38-year-old's chances of staying. Maybe the Packers will do something that they normally don't do -- spend big in free agency and surround their quarterback with more talent that'll make him stay.

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