Reports reveal Dan Snyder and Washington Commanders engaged in unlawful financial conduct for years

Dan Synder is in hot water with the NFL right now
Dan Synder is in hot water with the NFL right now

Washington Commanders owner Dan Synder often makes headlines for unruly dealings from his position of power, and it appears as though his house of cards is about to come undone.

Whether it was suing season ticket holders or the Washington City Papers newspaper, banning signs from FedEx Field, or everything involving the team's formerly controversial nickname, the Redskins, Dan Snyder has courted his fair share of controversy.


Dan Snyder is in trouble for unethical business practices with the FTC

It isn't a stretch to say that things are about to get extremely ugly with the Washington Commanders owner and the federal government. The franchise is being accused of witholding over $5 million in season ticket holder deposits and keeping their NFL revenue share, instead of alotting it to the 31 other NFL franchises.


This was shared within the committee's letter regarding the unethical business behavior from Dan Snyder and co.

“Given the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) authority to investigate unfair or deceptive business practices, we are providing the information and documents uncovered by the Committee for your review, to determine if the Commanders violated any provision of law enforced by FTC and whether further action is warranted. We request that you take any other action you deem necessary to ensure that all funds are returned to their rightful owners and that those responsible are held accountable for their conduct.”

Per the Washington Post, committee chairwoman Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.), Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.), the chairman of the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, and FTC chair Lina M. Khan all signed the letter. It was later copied to the committee's Republican leaders, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and attorneys general Jason S. Miyares (R) of Virginia, Brian E. Frosh (D) of Maryland and Karl A. Racine (D) of D.C.

Furthermore, per the letter:

“We are writing to share evidence of concerning business practices by the Washington Commanders uncovered during the Committee’s ongoing investigation into workplace misconduct at the team. Evidence obtained by the Committee, including emails, documents, and statements from former employees, indicate senior executives and the team’s owner, Daniel Snyder, may have engaged in a troubling, long-running, and potentially unlawful pattern of financial conduct that victimized thousands of team fans and the National Football League (NFL).”

Dan Snyder may finally be the one for whom the bell tolls here in 2022. The franchise owner has long been sought out as someone to be forced out of his current position and stripped of all the power he has within the NFL power structure.

With the FTC now involved, the hour glass is quickly running out of sand. Dan Snyder may not be the commander of his newly renamed franchise by opening kickoff this coming September.

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