Dan Snyder's lawyer hits back at Ex-WFT cheerleader who claimed he leaked Jon Gruden's emails

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder
Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder
LeRon Haire

Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington Football Team, has recently been in the midst of a controversy with no end in sight.

Most of those allegations came from WFT cheerleaders, who accused several in the organization of sexual harassment. There are now new accusations against Dan Snyder.

The team is currently under investigation for workplace misconduct and recently handed over 650,000 emails from and to former WFT president Bruce Allen to the league as evidence.

Among those were emails from Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, who used racist, homophobic and misogynistic language.

Melanie Coburn, a former WFT cheerleader and cheerleading team marketing director, accused Dan Snyder of leaking the Jon Gruden emails to throw Allen under the bus.

Here are Coburn’s take on the situation:

“I believe Dan Snyder leaked these emails. I believe [Snyder is] trying to put all the blame on Bruce Allen. I feel he’s trying to pin everything on Bruce, right, and place all the blame for all of the bad culture on him, which just isn’t true.”

Ex-WFT cheerleader: Dan Snyder leaked emails to blame Bruce Allen

Daniel Snyder’s lawyers have a rebuttal

On Wednesday, Jordan Siev, one of Daniel Snyder’s attorneys, issued this statement to Fox News via The New York Post on the allegations made by Melanie Coburn:

“Any suggestion by Ms. Coburn that anyone associated with the Washington Football Team was behind any leaks concerning Jon Gruden is categorically false and part of a pattern of misinformation being spread by Ms. Coburn.”

Also, according to Melanie Coburn, Snyder and the Washington organization sent investigators to the homes of WFT ex-cheerleaders trying to get information about their relationship with Bruce Allen.

What’s next for the Washington Football Team

It’s safe to say that the investigation into the allegations and the practices of the WFT since Snyder took over will be thoroughly reviewed with a fine-toothed comb.

There has been more of a call for transparency into what has been found and what has not been found so far in the investigation.

Previously, the NFL informed the WFT to conduct their investigation and report the findings in a “presentation” instead of a full report.

Several frowned upon this and looked at the NFL as if they were in collusion with the WFT in trying to cover up things occurring there.

Why not have an independent third party perform a thorough investigation and report the findings in a report? This is how respected, responsible and ethical companies respond to crises such as these.

New Orleans Saints v Washington Football Team
New Orleans Saints v Washington Football Team

But then again, we are talking about the Washington Football Team, so perhaps I understand why it was done this way, for better or worse.

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