Deion Sanders gets candid about his health ahead of emergency surgery - “I have two clots in my leg”

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Deion Sanders gets candid about his health ahead of emergency surgery

After news broke that NFL Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders is going to have surgery on his foot, he himself came clean about what the situation is. It was scary as the news broke out that there was some problem with his foot that might lead to amputation.

However, the man himself has now come out and given what is exactly going on. He has some problems with his toes that need to be straightened. He also has his entire foot that needs to be set in place. For those surgeries to take place, there has to be enough blood flowing to the region.

As it turns out, Deion Sanders has a couple of clots that are causing insufficient blood flow to those regions. He ruled out any talk of amputation and said:

"I met with my doctors a week ago...and they want to straighten those toes out. But I'm not receiving enough blood flow in order to do that surgery and another surgery to fix the dislocation of the foot, as well. So this is where we are now. There is no talk of amputation..."

It is not just the left foot that is an issue for Deion Sanders

When news broke first, there was talk about Deion Sanders getting his leg or foot amputated. As we now know, that can be dismissed.

However, what is perhaps more challenging is that initially, the talk was all about the left foot. But as it turns out, the clots are on both legs. He has to get rid of the clots that have formed on each of his legs, so further medical intervention can take place. He continued,

"I went to the doctors during the day to check myself out and I have two clots in my leg, one in my right leg, one in my left leg, which is my thighs. Okay, so now I'm having a procedure tomorrow to try to get those clots. So now I can have proper blood flow through the leg so they can fix the toes. Okay, this was going on? That is it. You heard it from me."

Deion Sanders, now a college football head coach with Colorado, therefore might need further surgical interventions. Whether that will affect his job during the college season is yet unknown. But knowing him, it is unlikely that it will decrease his passion for the job in any way. As he goes in for the removal of the clot today, we can only wish him the best of luck.

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