"Deserves respect" - NFL analyst blasts Baker Mayfield's haters

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield

Another day, another Baker Mayfield trade debate. The frustrated Cleveland Browns quarterback has been under the magnifying glass as of late, especially since he made his disappointment in the Browns' move to acquire Deshaun Watson public. Since then, he’s demanded a trade and does not wish to return to Cleveland.

Plenty of analysts have no time for Baker Mayfield slander. #Browns…

The only problem is that all of his options have dried up. Even the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers, the two most likely destinations, have made it clear they're taking different routes. And for some reason, no one mentions the New York Giants. The Daniel Jones experiment has got to be coming to a close soon.

The ESPN analyst and reporter for the Giants has made his feelings about Mayfield known. In a recent tweet, he came to the defense of the quarterback and made some valid points.

"Man, the Baker Mayfield slander needs to stop! He went to [an] organization that was all-time bad, set TD record for rookie, helped turn them around, made playoffs, won playoff game (was lights out to beat rival Steelers) and was hurt last year. Has limitations but deserves respect."

Baker Mayfield has strung together some solid seasons since being in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns have a history of losing that’s only rivaled by the Detroit Lions. So, it’s no surprise that the organization has taken steps to shoot themselves in the foot once again. A possible implosion that started with their mishandling of Odell Beckham Jr.

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Bayker Mayfield is the most successful Browns quarterback since the team was reborn through expansion, yet the Browns are taking little heat for their current QB situation

Just imagine if Watson gets suspended and Mayfield sits out. What will the Browns do then? This is a team that goes through head coaches like others go through jock straps. In truth, the real surprise is that Mayfield has waited this long to try and get away from the Browns.

Perhaps,it’s time to stop the Mayfield bashing and start putting the criticism squarely where it belongs - on the Cleveland Browns. It would be a surprise to no one if they mishandled Deshaun Watson as well. Maybe, he, too, will experience a revolving door of head coaches over the next few years. Or, the trading away of one of his top wide receivers mid-season.

Whether or not the Browns come out of this mess with a winning season or two remains to be seen, but blaming Mayfield for the teams' shortcomings is definitely played out.

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