"Doesn't look like a real human" - Jeff Bezos trolled by social media for absurd handshake with Chiefs fan at Arrowhead Stadium

Jeff Bezos was at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday night for the first "Thursday Night Football" broadcast on Amazon Prime.
Jeff Bezos was at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday night for the first "Thursday Night Football" broadcast on Amazon Prime.

Thursday Night Football or 'TNF', as it's being called, made its debut on Amazon Prime, and of course, Jeff Bezos was in attendance at Arrowhead Stadium to watch the game live.

The National Football League and Amazon signed an 11-year deal to broadcast games on Amazon Prime, worth over $100 million.The founder of Amazon was seen before the game greeting excited Kansas City Chiefs fans.

While his business and entrepreneurial skills are brilliant, his social skills may be lacking, according to some NFL fans. On Twitter, fans were quick to note that he looked uncomfortable shaking hands with fans and having other social interactions.

Some even asked if he was 'human' and others questioned whether he had ever shaken anyone's hand before.

Although the game was being broadcast on Bezos' Amazon Prime, others still wanted to know why he was attending the game in person, suggesting that he wasn't an NFL fan.

During the game, Bezos was seen sitting next to Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, in the Commissioner's Box at Arrowhead Stadium. The two were shown on the live broadcast and Goodell didn't look all that excited to be sitting next to him.


Could Jeff Bezos be eyeing NFL ownership?

Last year, when the Denver Broncos were officially put up for sale, many believed that Jeff Bezos was assembling an ownership group to make the purchase. The Broncos have since been purchased by Rob Walton, the heir to the Walmart fortune.

It's also been said that he would be interested in purchasing the Washington Commanders if Dan Snyder is forced to sell due to allegations against him and the team as a whole.


Jeff Bezos, who is worth over $100 billion, has more than enough capital to prove that he can purchase an NFL team on his own without additional benefactors. But he could add a former NFL player or executive to help with the football side of ownership. That's because he doesn't have experience in owning an NFL team.

Many believe that the Amazon CEO was seated next to Goodell in order to get some face time with the commissioner about a possible bid for an NFL team in the future.

While Goodell isn't the deciding factor, putting a good word in with the commissioner of the league may be the first start. But, by the looks of it, Goodell didn't seem overly excited about the interaction.

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