EXCLUSIVE: Saints' Lucas Krull reveals what it's like sharing a locker room with Alvin Kamara and Tyrann Mathieu

Saints' Lucas Krull reveals what it's like sharing a locker room with Alvin Kamara and Tyrann Mathieu
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans Saints tight end Lucas Krull is looking to make the team after being signed as an undrafted free agent this offseason. There are currently four tight ends ahead of Krull. Those players are Adam Trautman, Taysom Hill, Nick Vannett, and Juwan Johnson. Lucas Krull will be fighting for a roster spot this preseason but could remain with the team on the practice squad.

Last season for the Pittsburgh Panthers, Krull recorded 38 receptions for 451 yards and six touchdowns. He was one of Kenny Pickett's favorite targets.

Being around pro NFL players is new for Krull. In the locker room, he's been around stars like Alvin Kamara and Tyrann Mathieu.

In an interview with Sportskeeda, Krull complimented these players on bringing an amazing culture to the franchise. When asked what sharing a locker room with them is like, he said:

"Oh, it’s great. They bring an amazing culture to this organization and I'm just a young guy trying to follow their footsteps. And, you know, make sure I'm excelling in the expectations of what they're looking for."

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Lucas Krull discusses the New Orleans Saints' tight end group

New Orleans Saints v Las Vegas Raiders
New Orleans Saints v Las Vegas Raiders

While Lucas Krull is surrounded by veterans in the locker room, he works closest to the tight ends. Adam Trautman and Taysom Hill are the two biggest names in their tight end room.


While speaking with Sportskeeda, Krull credited the tight end group as a whole. He said that they are helping him develop as a player and that each individual can teach him something different.

He said:

"The whole group as a whole, they've really kind of taken me in and are helping me to develop into a better player for myself and to be able to help this team win. And I'm really grateful to be in that room with those guys. Each guy is different in their own way and there’s something I can learn from each and every one of them."

Adam Trautman is the number one tight end for New Orleans. Last season, he recorded 43 receptions for 263 yards and two touchdowns. Behind Trautman is Taysom Hill. In his career, Hill has recorded 34 receptions for 388 yards and seven touchdowns. Hill is also used as a gadget player. He threw for 978 yards and four touchdowns as the Saints quarterback in 2021.

Krull will be competing with Johnson and Vannett for a roster spot. He will have the preseason to prove whether he can make the roster and every snap is important.

The Saints' first preseason fixture is against the Houston Texans on the 14th of this month. Hopefully we will see the young tight end in action during that game.

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