Hard Knocks 2024 gets fans on board with AFC North feature: "First Hard Knocks worth watching"

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens will be a part of the AFC North's debut on Hard Knocks.

The hit HBO series "Hard Knocks" made a big announcement on Monday afternoon regarding the in-season series for the 2024 NFL season. For the first time in the history of the HBO docu-series, an entire division will play the starring role, with the AFC North chosen for this year's in-season series.

That means NFL fans will get to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns prepare each week for the game ahead. NFL fans quickly replied to Adam Schefter's post on X about the "Hard Knocks" announcement.

"For the first time, “Hard Knocks: In Season” will feature a division: the AFC North. It will debut Tuesday, Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO, stream on Max, and will air subsequent Tuesdays through the end of the NFL regular season and continue into the NFL playoffs in January 2025," Adam Schefter said.

NFL fans, especially the fans of AFC North teams, are excited to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their weekly preparations. Some fans who haven't even watched the series before are excited to tune in and watch four teams who all have a chance to win the title, battle it out.

Other fans had hoped that just one of the AFC North teams would be starring in the HBO series and were pleasantly surprised that all four teams would be shown.

"That is what having 2 elite QB in a division gets you," a fan said.
"I like it…. Was hoping NFC North but this is gonna be great too!" one fan said.
"OH. THIS IS EVEN BETTER. It's the entire AFC NORTH!!" another fan stated.

The AFC North will debut on "Hard Knocks: In Season" beginning on Tuesday, December 3, 2024, on HBO and can be streamed on MAX. It will then air every Tuesday evening throughout the playoffs.

"Only makes sense to do the best division in football first," a fan said.
"This is gonna be so sweet man. Best division in football and we’ll get a deeper look to the playoff runs, as I believe all 4 teams will be fighting to get in.#HereWeGo," one fan said.
"HBO giving people what they want. Playoff Russ," a fan said.

AFC North joins Giants and Bears in 2024 'Hard Knocks' lineup

HBO's "Hard Knocks" first aired in 2001, covering a different team during training camp each year. In 2021, the series branched out and began airing a second series mid-season, showing teams throughout the grind of the NFL season.

This year, the series also followed the New York Giants during the offseason to give NFL fans a look at home the free agent signing process and the NFL Draft took place. It will start airing on July 2, 2024 on HBO.

The yearly training camp rendition of "Hard Knocks" will feature first-overall draft pick Caleb Williams and the Chicago Bears and will begin airing on August 6, 2024. NFL fans will get to see Williams tackle his first NFL training camp experience.

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