"How can the league play with fire like this? He's openly dodging Congress" - Dan Snyder angers NFL fans after Commanders owner refuses subpoena

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Redskins
Baltimore Ravens v Washington Redskins

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder continues to make headlines across the globe.

Snyder is reportedly reluctant to testify under oath and is rumored to be on his yacht. According to Josh Jamerson, this means the owner can't be served the subpoena.

Snyder's attorney has reportedly stated to the House Oversight Committee that he is not accepting the subpoena, per John Keim. The Commanders owner is wanted for talks over alleged sexual harassment and abuse claims by six former employees. So far, he has dodged it all.

When Keim dropped the news that the Commanders owner wasn't accepting the subpoena, fans were quick to cast their judgment over it. One fan commented that the owner is openly dodging Congress, tweeting:

"How can the NFL play with fire like this? He's openly dodging congress. This is not a good look for the owners."
@john_keim How can the NFL play with fire like this? He's openly dodging congress. This is not a good look for the owners.

One user opined that the owner will not testify if its possible to incrininate himself.

@john_keim This was, is and always shall be an exercise in futility. Dan will not testify if it's possible for him to incriminate himself, and Congress won't be able to do anything about it. Then the House flips in November and this all goes away

Another NFL fan speculated that Snyder could stay on his boat until November.

@john_keim I guess he is going to live on the boat until November. Everyone vote democrat so he stays there longer!!!

One user commented that the refusal to testify under oath speaks volumes.

@john_keim Wow. Refusal to testify under oath speaks volumes.

Another fan gave an interesting alternative and wrote that the House Committee should turn up the heat on the other NFL owners.

@john_keim The House Committee should now turn up the heat on the NFL and specifically say so due to Snyder’s unwillingness to accept the subpoena. They should now extend the subpoena to all of the NFL owners or at least the executive committee to speak on how their teams are handling

One fan stated that there is a line with other owners that Snyder is close to crossing.

@john_keim Is that really a thing? You can just refuse to “accept” a subpoena?I never thought I’d say this, but there’s a line with the other owners he’s very close to crossing. If Dept of Justice opens an investigation over this, that might be it.

A user named Vernon posted and said that it is going from bad to worse with the Commanders owner.

@john_keim This is turning from bad to worse! 🤦🏾‍♂️

Another fan wrote that he is sick of the owner's games.

@john_keim My goodness, again sick of Dan’s games period

One user simply stated that the Washington owner should not be given accommodations.

@john_keim Dan "the slime" Snyder should be given no accommodations. He's like the worst human being in the DC area, which is saying something significant. Having Snyder testifying under oath and nailing him later for the perjury that is surely coming is what's required here.

Another simply posted the letters "POS." Make of that what you will.

Washington Commanders have had an offseason from hell

Washington Introduce Carson Wentz
Washington Introduce Carson Wentz

This offseason was supposed to be a new chapter this offseason, with a new team name, identity and the idea of moving on from the old days. However, it has been an offseason from hell for Washington.


Several issues have plagued the franchise, starting with the backlash for signing Carson Wentz from the Indianapolis Colts. The Dan Snyder workplace misconduct accusations followed, which are still ongoing and only getting worse.

If that wasn't enough, then defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio's comments regarding the Capitol riots drew plenty of ire and saw him receive a fine of $100,000.

It hasn't been the best couple of months for the embattled franchise. The issues involving Synder are unlikely to go away any time soon, meaning more dark days could be ahead for the organization.


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