How much does Allen Robinson make a year?

Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson
Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson joined the Chicago Bears during the 2018 NFL off-season after leaving the Jacksonville Jaguars for free agency. Robinson played out his contract with the Bears and was set to hit free agency for the second time. The Chicago Bears put a stop to Allen Robinson hitting free agency by franchise tagging their star wide receiver on Tuesday.

The contract that Allen Robinson agreed to in 2018 was a three-year, $42 million contract. His contract consisted of $25.2 million in guaranteed money. Over the last three years, Allen Robinson made $14 million a year. Allen Robinson has made $46.5 million throughout his seven years in the NFL.

With the Chicago Bears placing a franchise tag on Allen Robinson, what will be his annual salary under the franchise tag?

What is Allen Robinsons yearly salary after franchise tag?

Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson
Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson

The Chicago Bears are locking up their star wide receiver for another year after franchise tagging him on Tuesday. Allen Robinson's franchise tag is worth $17.8 million which is his yearly salary for the Bears during the 2021-2022 NFL season. The Bears have until July 15th to sign Allen Robinson to a long-term extension.

When the Bears sit down with Allen Robinson, they will need to pay him his market value. As of right now, Allen Robinson has a market value of $20 million annually. Which with the years that he wants will make his long-term deal look a lot like four-years, $80.2 million.

If the Bears do end up reaching a long-term deal with Allen Robinson then his yearly salary will be pushed from $17.8 million to $20 million. This places Allen Robinson amongst the NFL's highest paid wide receivers. If he can receive the deal, then he will make $7 million less than Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Allen Robinson has expressed his feelings about playing under the franchise tag for the 2021-2022 NFL season. He felt that he could've gotten a long-term deal with another franchise. He doesn't want to stay with the Chicago Bears if he has to play under the franchise tag.

This is why it's important for the Bears to reach a long-term deal with Robinson before July 15th. The Bears are going to stay in contact with Allen Robinson to try and get a deal done. If they cannot reach a long-term deal, Allen Robinson will have an annual salary of $17.8 million.

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