"I find both of them pretty hard to like off the court and off the field" - Skip Bayless rips into Baker Mayfield and Kevin Durant in passionate rant

Skip Bayless criticizes Kevin Durant, Baker Mayfield
Skip Bayless criticizes Kevin Durant, Baker Mayfield

It appears Baker Mayfield has landed himself firmly on Skip Bayless's radar this season.

On "The Skip Bayless Show" this week, the TV personality took yet another shot at Mayfield, with Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant catching some strays as well.

"The biggest news this week swirled around Kevin Durant and Baker Mayfield, two of 'my guys' who now have one thing, and only thing, in common: they both just got all-time humbled," Bayless said on his show.

Bayless added:

"As much as I love me some KD [Kevin Durant] and Baker as players for very different reasons, I find both of them pretty hard to like off the court and off the field."



Baker Mayfield was named as the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers this season. Bayless, however, believes the 2018 No. 1 overall pick hasn't lived up to the hype just yet.

"Baker, who's pretty much a nobody, a literally 'lil' man, who became a very big man in Cleveland after he got drafted No. 1 overall and he started doing these relentless national TV commercials for Progressives, and his head swelled to the size of the Browns' stadium, 'Baker's house,' as the commercials said."
"And Baker Mayfield, for me, became insufferably full of himself, snarky condescending, before really proving anything of consequence on the football field. But now like KD, Baker has been humbled. Best thing that could happen to both of them."

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Kevin Durant catches strays amid Skip Bayless' Baker Mayfield tirade

While the Panthers QB has finally found himself a place to do his thing, NBA superstar Kevin Durant was not so lucky.

The Brooklyn Nets star rescinded his trade request this week. Durant and the Nets agreeing to "move forward with the partnership" after a trade request that went nowhere.

Bayless said, "KD is, I always say, the thinnest-skinned superstar I have ever closely observed. I mean, this is Kevin Durant, best player on the planet. This man has had multiple burner accounts on Twitter, so he can secretly defend himself against nobodies."

It wasn't all fire and brimstone from Skip, though.

Before signing off, he added that while Durant and Mayfield have irked him with their off-field antics.

"By the way, I now believe both are now perfectly positioned to have a career-season this season."

Mayfield will kick off his regular season against a familiar franchise -- the Cleveland Browns, the franchise that cast him aside in favor of Deshaun Watson.

Mayfield, though, has said little about the Browns since landing with the Panthers.

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