Jim Harbaugh's Chargers land #1 WR prospect for Justin Herbert in new NFL Mock Draft 2024

Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Jim Harbaugh As Head Coach
Jim Harbaugh's Chargers land #1 WR prospect for Justin Herbert in new NFL Mock Draft 2024

With the draft season just around the corner, NFL Mock Drafts are all the rage, and Jim Harbaugh and the Chargers might be getting quarterback Justin Herbert the top wide receiver as per one iteration.

As things stand, the Los Angeles Chargers need a wide receiver to add to their offensive depth after getting rid of Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler. The competition is expected to be between Marvin Harrison Jr. and Malik Nabers to be the first receiver of the board.

Given that they pick fifth overall and the Cardinals, who also want a wide receiver, are just above them, they might not get the one they want if Arizona gets him first. However, in this version of the mock draft for the Chargers, they are the ones picking the first non-quarterback position on the board.

Lance Zierlein has come up with an NFL Mock Draft for 2024 that sees the New York Giants trade places with the New England Patriots to draft a quarterback as Drake Maye falls down to third behind Jayden Daniels.

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The Cardinals then vacate their fourth pick by trading with the Minnesota Vikings, who draft J.J. McCarthy to snag the player they have indicated they want but might be jittery about missing out on as he keeps rising in the draft class.

That leaves Jim Harbaugh free to pick Marvin Harrison Jr. for the Chargers to give Justin Herbert a weapon.

Other NFL Mock Drafts 2024 show Jim Harbaugh trading down as he rebuilds the Chargers around Justin Herbert

While the above NFL Mock Draft is certainly a possibility, there are other ways Jim Harbaugh can choose to get help for Justin Herbert.

The Chargers head coach could decide that the wide receiver class in this draft is deep and they can afford to climb down from that position. If the Patriots, who have got rid of Mac Jones hang in to get their quarterback, the Giants or the Vikings might be willing to trade with Los Angeles to climb ahead of other potential suitors in the draft.

Jim Harbaugh knows that Justin Herbert has the talent to take the Chargers to the next level but he also knows that it is not something that can be accomplished in one year. It is especially tough because they are in the same AFC West division as the Kansas City Chiefs, who are creating a dynasty of their own.

If the top wide receiver does fall into their lap, they have to decide whether they are happy with that or want to trade back for more picks.

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