Deshaun Watson to answer questions regarding sexual encounters amidst civil lawsuits: Report

Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson

Despite the fact that Deshaun Watson was not indicted for sexual assault, he still has 22 civil lawsuits pending against him.

Deshaun Watson asking massage therapists to advocate for him creates new problem since judge rules he must answer whether he had sex with them. If Watson lies, could be charged with perjury. If he doesn't answer, he could have judgment rendered against him. NFL's surely watching.…

A judge has ruled that Watson must answer questions regarding sexual encounters he may have had with the 18 other massage therapists who supported him.

According to Sports Illustrated, the judge in this case will force Deshaun Watson to answer embarrassing questions about his sex life.

The report said that the plaintiffs’ attorneys are seeking written answers to questions about his relations with the 18 massage therapists who had supported him. More precisely, they are going to ask him whether he indulged in sexual activities with them.

Watson was accused by 22 other massage therapists of making inappropriate sexual gestures towards them. This, as per their allegations, included refusing to cover himself up, touching them inappropriately, and forcing them to have sex with him.

The nature of his interactions with the 18 masseuses who supported him might play a crucial role in deciding the future course of this case.

In the past, Watson and his attorney have refused to answer these questions. But the plaintiffs' attorney in this case said they wanted to show a pattern in the NFL star's behavior.

Deshaun Watson’s deposition

What does this all mean for Deshaun Watson?

Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Watson
Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Watson

Although Deshaun Watson might not be criminally charged, he may still have to face the wrath of NFL which is watching the proceedings closely.

The civil lawsuit brought against him and its outcome may have some bearing upon Watson's future in the league.

Deshaun Watson was not convicted in criminal proceedings due to lack of evidence. But the civil lawsuit continues to be an albatross around his neck.

Recently, the 26-year-old was brought on-board by Cleveland Browns in a major trade with the Houston Texans.

But now his 2022 season may have a cloud hanging over him due to this new legal tangle. That may explain why the club hasn't traded last year's quarterback Baker Mayfield to another team yet. Perhaps, they have no idea what is coming next.

The scary part for the Browns is that the league has been silent about what, if any, form or action they could take, in case Watson is convicted. The Browns' whole season and maybe, even Watson's career is on the line because of these civil suits.

But the scariest part of this whole situation for the Browns and Watson is not knowing what's next.

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