"Tom Brady in the comments it’s up. He must hate Skete tooooo" - Kanye West drags TB12 into feud with ex-wife Kim Kardashian over her former boyfriend Pete Davidson

The legendary quarterback and rapper
Tom Brady involved in Kanye West's Twitter war

Tom Brady is probably not someone that anyone would expect to be a part of Kanye West and Pete Davidson's fued. Davidson and West's ex-wife Kim Kardashian recently broke up after a nine-month relationship and West has been feuding with both of them since the beginning of it.

West has weaponized social media to go after Davidson even after he and Kardashian broke up. He routinely posts about the SNL star. This time, he posted about Davidson mentioning Andreessen Horowitz, an American capital venture firm.

Tom Brady joined the comments, enjoying the post himself. This must have inflated the rapper's ego a little bit, as he mentioned Brady's comments directly.

He captioned it with a lot of mockery for Davidson:

"Tom Brady in the comments. It's up, he must hate Skete [Pete] tooooo. Leave him aloooooone. Hi North, I'm Skete. Look at my tattooooos. I'm a pawn sent here to antagonize your dad in hopes that he'll do something illegal so we ca take hom out of your life. Oh hi Saint, look at my tattoo. I tatted your name my body, I also have a Kid Cudi tattoo but nobody knows who he is."
Kanye West reacts to Tom Brady being in his comments

West also couldn't resist a dig at Kid Cudi, another artist with whom the rapper has beef. The legendary quarterback was probably never meant to be dragged into the center of this feud, but his comments put him directly there.

@2cooI2blog Skete really pissed Kanye off... Hope he can heal..🙏

Where was Tom Brady when he left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Tom Brady's absence from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was well-documented, however, it was not totally clear where he was. Theories ran wild, including that he skipped town to film for The Masked Singer.


He eventually made his way back to camp and held a return press conference in which it was clear the absence was not for anything frivolous.

Reports suggest that the quarterback was in the Bahamas with his wife Gisele and their children. That might not seem like a legitimate reason to walk away from camp, but rumors have swirled that Brady's relationship is in trouble.


Divorce rumors have cropped up and many believe that Gisele gave him a bit of a family ultimatum. Football is important but it pales in comparison to something like that. While the exact nature of Brady's absence is unclear, it appears he was dealing with some serious personal issues during his leave of absence.

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