“Know your $h!t, people!”: Dak Prescott, Ryan Reynolds team up for colon cancer awareness

Dak Prescott, Ryan Reynolds team up for colon cancer awareness
Dak Prescott, Ryan Reynolds team up for colon cancer awareness

Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Dak Prescott and actor Ryan Reynolds teamed up for colon cancer awareness.

Reynolds took to social media to share a video with Prescott to help spread awareness of colon cancer. In the video, Prescott explains why people should get their colon checked, especially those over 45 years old.

Prescott lost his mom to colon cancer in 2013, and since then, he has been vocal about getting people to check for it so they can potentially save their lives. He also knows what cancer does to someone, so he hopes no one else has to go through that.

“My mom was my hero and No.1 supporter and fan," Prescott said. "It was tough just watching what cancer did to her and knowing that all I could do was support her, love her and be there to try to pick her up when she was down."

Prescott has also partnered with the American Cancer Society to raise awareness about the disease and get people to get checked and screened for it.

"Partnering with the American Cancer Society is another way for me to honor my mother's legacy with my Faith Fight Finish Foundation," Prescott added. "Watching her journey highlighted the importance of providing access to cancer screening, education, and survivorship resources."
"I'm happy to help amplify that message and continue to support better cancer outcomes in any way I can."

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds has been vocal in encouraging people to undergo a colonoscopy. After losing a bet, which forced Reynolds to film his colonoscopy, the doctor detected a benign polyp, which could lead to cancer.

Reynolds was able to get it removed before it turned into cancer, which the doctor says saved his life.

"This was potentially lifesaving for you. I'm not kidding," Reynolds' doctor told the actor.

Dak Prescott is among MVP candidates this season

As for his football career, Dak Prescott is having arguably the best season of his career. He is currently tied for second in MVP odds at +350, only trailing Brock Purdy at +300.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is 288-for-411 for 3,234 yards, 26 touchdowns, and six interceptions. Dak Prescott has done better not turning the ball over this season, which was his goal entering this season.

Dallas is currently 9-3 and set to host the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night in a crucial game for the NFC East.

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