“Does anybody who's not born and raised in Texas want to hear about them anymore?” - NFL analyst gets fed up with talking about the Cowboys 

Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys
Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys

On NFL Network's Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt addressed how the Dallas Cowboys receive so much media attention from all networks.

Brandt made some excellent points in his rant, saying that Dallas is undeserving of all the attention and praise they receive and doesn't understand why the media glorifies them. Dallas hasn't won a Super bowl since 1995 but is still the most talked-about team. Dallas is also the most valuable franchise in the world.

Brandt said:

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“There's a media thing going on and we hear from viewers and fans, ‘why do you guys talk about the Cowboys so much?’ And they’re right, I don't know why we talk about the Cowboys so much, if you turn on other networks it’s even worse. Because I'm just tired of this whole ‘the standard of the Dallas Cowboys is Super Bowls.’ 1995, and haven’t been to a title game since.

He added:

"In the time since the standard of ‘the Cowboys is Super Bowls,’ teams in their own division have gone to five and won three. They haven’t even gone to a title game. And you think about it so why are we talking about the Cowboys so much? I don't know. I think media has changed.This isn't 1990 something where you just throw on Troy and Emmitt. Or even the 2000s where it’s T.O. I don't know why we talk about this, they're not worthy of it. Because even if you want to compare them against struggling franchises, franchises that have been downtrodden and struggling," said Brandt.

Brandt then went on to talk about the unpopular teams' success in the last 25 years. Teams such as the Jaguars, Jets, Panthers, and Ravens have had more success since 1995 than the Cowboys, yet Dallas is the only team we hear about.

"All right, the Bengals were in the Super Bowl last year. In the time since the Cowboys have been to a Super Bowl or title game, the Panthers have been to two Super Bowls. The Jaguars have been to three title games. The Jets have been to three title games. The Ravens, who did not exist as a team the last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl, have two Super Bowl rings. So why is it ‘just throw the Cowboys on there it’ll rate.’ Does it? Do you want to hear about the Cowboys? Does anybody who's not born and raised in Texas want to hear about them anymore? I don't want to talk about them anymore. And due respect fine. I'm not rooting against them. There's 31 other flavors that we can talk about at this table. And I don't want to put you guys in a bad spot as the show. But like, I want to take a vow of silence about the Cowboys."

Dallas Cowboys are America's team

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals

Love them or hate them, you're always going to see and hear about the Cowboys.

Whether you live in the state of Texas, New York, or California, you're going to see Dallas Cowboys fans. There are only a few teams where that is the case; the Steelers and Packers are the other two teams. Dallas' popularity rose when they became the "Team with Most Consecutive Sold-Out Games," a streak of 160 home-and-away games (including playoffs) that began on December 23, 1990, at Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium and came to an end on December 24, 1999, in a Christmas Eve game against the New Orleans Saints.

When the Cowboys were dubbed "America's Team," it didn't sit well with everyone, including their head coach Tom Landry. After a 20-game winning streak and winning five Super Bowls shortly after being dubbed "America's Team," the Cowboys won five Super Bowls (1972, 1978, 1993, 1994, 1995), and Landry grew to like the name.

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