NFL insider worries Lamar Jackson contract negotiations with Ravens will result in awkward outcome 

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Stacey G Mickles

As of Sunday, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has not come to terms with the team on a new contract.

Lamar Jackson doesn't seem to want to take time out of his schedule, at least, right now, to negotiate with the team because he has too much going on.

But NFL insider Mike Florio thinks that Lamar Jackson is making a huge mistake by not getting an agent to talk to the team about his new contract.

Florio offered his opinion on Lamar Jackson to Pro Football Talk.

Lamar Jackson's failure to engage the Ravens on a long-term deal is strategic or misguided. Regardless, the 2019 NFL MVP is three years away from potentially becoming an unrestricted free agent and picking his next team.
"Jackson’s approach is either strategic or misguided. Last year, the situation became simplified after the Bills signed Josh Allen to a long-term deal that pays out $43 million per year. Based on the terms and structure of the Allen contract, Jackson should have asked the Ravens for the exact same contract, and he should have refused to play until he got it."

No one is sure what's going through Jackson's head right now. Why is he waiting? Is this a way to get more money, or does he just not want to get involved in a long-term contract.

Florio seems to think, if Jackson and the Ravens can't make a deal, it may be time to lock down back-up quarterback Tyler Huntley.

"At some point, the Ravens may decide to protect themselves. Tyler Huntley, undrafted in 2020, is an exclusive-rights free agent in 2020. While the term necessarily means “not a free agent at all,” what if the Ravens decide to offer Huntley a real contract, a multi-year deal that pays him well to be the understudy to Jackson? If Jackson isn’t going to give the Ravens the long-term answer they want at the quarterback position, it would be smart for the Ravens to ensure that Huntley will be ready to go, if Jackson eventually is gone."

Is Tyler Huntley the long term answer if Lamar Jackson doesn't return?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens

Tyler Huntley started six games for the Ravens when Jackson was out with an ankle injury. He was 1-5 in those matchups, the only win coming against the Chicago Bears where he was efficient, throwing for 219 yards and 1 touchdown.

He was also sacked 6 times in that game. The issue for the Ravens doesn't appear to be Huntley's arm, but he's not the great runner that Lamar Jackson is. That's why it's important for the Ravens to sign Jackson up soon, even if it is just to another one-year deal.

The Ravens can't afford to wait too long on Jackson, and he can't wait much longer either. A deal must be done soon.

Lamar Jackson outlines goals as talks with Ravens continue: "Being a billionaire and being a champion"…

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