LeSean McCoy rips Daniel Jones, sounds off on Giants for handing keys to QB - "I don't see nothing good about him"

LeSean McCoy rips Daniel Jones, sounds off on Giants for handing keys to QB (Image Credit: IMAGN)
LeSean McCoy rips Daniel Jones, sounds off on Giants for handing keys to QB (Image Credit: IMAGN)

The New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has come to spotlight after Tuesday's episode of Hard Knocks have a glimpse into the behind the scenes of running a franchise in the National Football League.

The episode showed team general manager Joe Schoen discussing with his crew, the financial aspect of paying $40 million to Jones and also retaining Saquon Barkley, who was high-priced running back in the free agency market. The Giants eventually decided to move on from their RB.

This didn't sit right with former NFL running back and two-time Super Bowl champion, LeSean McCoy. On Fox Sports' "Speak," he said that the Giants were making a mistake by giving the keys to Daniel Jones to run the offense. [From 1:31 mark onwards]

"Daniel Jones, that can't be the answer," McCoy said. "You can't expect to go far in the NFL when your quarterback is that bad, is that awful. I don't see nothing good about him. I don't see no growth."

McCoy added that the Giants made a mistake in drafting Jones, out of Duke University, as the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft. He doubled down, stating that Jones is not a good player and the Giants will struggle with him under the center.

"So when you ask this question about the Giants how good they'll be, this the question of the ask - Daniel Jones, is he your guy? And everybody can tell you know, he's not. ... he's been trash his whole career."


Giants GM Joe Schoen comes to Daniel Jones' defense with shocking Patrick Mahomes reference

The New York Giants were expected to make the leap last year, after paying their premier quarterback Daniel Jones a $160,000,000 contract extension. However, things did not go as planned. The Giants finished with a dismal 6-11 record after Jones suffered a season-ending injury.

General Manager Joe Schoen believes Jones wasn't set up to succeed last season because of a banged up offensive line. He mentioned that even the great Patrick Mahomes would not have survived behind the Giants' protection, last year.

"You could have Pat Mahomes, and he can't f**king iwin behind that. I'm not giving up on (Jones). He's under contract for three more years. Just protecting ourselves, because [the] best predictor of the future is the past."

Schoen added:

"This is the year for Daniel. Plan all along was [to] give him a couple years. Is he our guy for the next 10 years? Or do we need to pivot and find somebody else?"

Earlier this year, there were reports of the Giants having buyer's remorse over Daniel Jones' $160 million contract. But Joe Schoen fully backing Jones for the 2024 NFL season before making any decision about the Giants' quarterback needs for the future.

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