"They should be standing up and applauding Colin Kaepernick" - Mike Florio calls out Pacman Jones and Antonio Brown for picking former NFL QB

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SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 2017 Sportsperson of the Year Show
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Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick could make a return to the NFL this season. He had a tryout with the Las Vegas Raiders this past Wednesday, and according to reports, things went well.

On Colin Kaepernick’s workout with the #Raiders: Sounds like it went well and he impressed. The door is open…

Whenever Kap is in the news, there will be people criticizing him. Antonio Brown recently claimed that Kap hasn't done much for the community and doesn't really want to play again.

Mike Florio backed Kaepernick on Pro Football Talk, saying he's done a lot of stuff off the field for the community.

"There's this misconception among guys like Pacman Jones, and who else jumped in on Antonio Brown, that one of the reasons and logic and reliability, and good works for the community questioning what Colin Kaepernick has done, Google it. Colin Kaepernick has done plenty. The things he's done, the things he says, the way he lives, his life is in harmony with the gigantic letters that are at the back of the endzone. And the messages that we see every time they cut to a close up of a guy walking back to the huddle, Black Lives Matter and racism, stop hate everything the NFL says it's for. It's exactly what he's pushing. So again, Peter, I asked you: Why should anyone care? They should be standing up and applauding Colin Kaepernick for bringing to life the slogans that they've slapped over anything they can."

Florio responded to a comment that Adam "Pacman" Jones made via where he agreed with Antonio Brown, thinking Kap hasn't done much for the community.

“As far as the community part, I think AB is right. We haven’t heard anything that Kaep did for the community or given back to the community after the settlement [with the NFL]. . . . That part of the question, I do think AB is right.”
Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Defends Antonio Brown’s Comments About…

Colin Kaepernick has done a lot of stuff off the field in last few years

Michigan Spring Game
Michigan Spring Game

Ever since he went out of the league, following the 2016 season, for kneeling during the USA National Anthem, Kaepernick has been very involved in the community off the field.


After initial backlash against his protests, Kaepernick pledged to donate $1 million to "organizations working in oppressed communities." He donated $25,000 to the 'Mothers Against Police Brutality' organization. In 2018, Kaepernick announced that he would make the final $100,000 donation of his 'Million Dollar Pledge' in the form of $10,000 donations to charities that would be matched by celebrities.

In 2016, he founded the 'Know Your Rights Camp', an organization that holds free seminars for disadvantaged youths to teach them about self-empowerment, American history, and legal rights.


All these contributions suggest that the allegation against the former NFL quarterback are not based on facts. Still, the debate will continue.

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