MMG provides insightful review of Madden 24's new features for NFL fans - “Hate to say it but..”

MMG was excited to see the new Madden game
MMG was excited to see the new Madden game

Madden 24 was officially announced by EA Sports on Wednesday, and fans got a glimpse into the surprises and the different game modes in the upcoming edition.

MMG or Matthew Meagher, the popular Madden YouTube streamer, gave his opinion on what the new game is going to bring. He said that the addition of the crossplay and the Superstar Showdown mode is a positive step.

The game will be released in August, before the start of the season. With the announcement, fans got an idea of what to expect from it.

The biggest advantage of the 2024 version is that the developers have finally included crossplay. The game will also have a 3v3 mode called Superstar Showdown. Fans were demanding crossplay for a long time now, and EA Sports granted their wish in the upcoming.

On the other hand, two modes, the Face of the Franchise and The Yard, were scrapped from the game. They weren't hugely popular among the fans anyway.

Josh Allen set to become EA Sports' Madden NFL 24 cover

It's now official that the Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is going to be on the cover, but Bills fans don't seem to be happy about it.

Buffalo Bills fan and NFL YouTuber Dan Mitchell had a message to EA Sports developers after it became public that Allen would be the Madden 24 cover. He was clearly not happy:

“This message is for the decision-makers at EA Sports: you keep my damn quarterback off of your filthy Madden 24 cover all right." Mitchell said. "The last thing Buffalo needs is a curse. Okay, when it comes down to it this last time we actually have a full complete team, this is our shot to win the Lombardi."

It is no wonder that fans don't like to see their star player on the cover of Madden. Since the game was introduced, several players who have been on the cover of the game have buckled. They either suffered an injury the following season, or their performances dropped hugely, Overall, there has been a decline in their play.

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