Aaron Rodgers' "I still own you" and 4 other taunts which will be remembered by NFL fans forever

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers had an absolutely epic taunt for Chicago Bears fans after scoring a touchdown on Sunday. A Bears fan had proceeded to flip Rodgers the bird and the quarterback's words to her (and evidently the surrounding Bears fans) were simple and plain:

"I own you. I still own you."
Aaron Rodgers said something he saw in the stands that prompted his “I still own you” celebration. Here’s what it was:

But where does this taunt stand in comparison to other epic taunts that have been heard in the NFL?

Here are four other taunts that NFL fans may remember forever.

4 taunts NFL fans may remember forever

#1 - Aaron Rodgers' "Discount Double Check" taunt

Aaron Rodgers' "I own you" taunt on Sunday wasn't the first epic taunt leveled at opponents from the Packers legend. Rodgers and the "Discount Double Check" taunt comes from his now famous State Farm commercials.

The "Discount Double Check" was a program offered by State Farm that ensured customers were saving as much money as possible on their auto insurance premiums.

When Rodgers scores, he acts as if he is putting on a championship wrestling belt, which is known as the "Discount Double Check." Rodgers did the taunt before getting into his second rant on Sunday.

#2 - Antoine Winfield Jr. gives Tyreek Hill the "deuces"

Antoine Winfield Jr. got his revenge against Tyreek 👀

In Super Bowl LV back on February 7 of this year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. During the game, Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill missed a pass from Patrick Mahomes.

When that happened, Bucs safety Antoine Winfield came over to Hill and gave him the "deuces" sign (which is two fingers) in response to Hill doing that to the Buccaneers back in Week 12 of the same NFL season.

#3 - Terrell Owens runs to the Dallas Cowboys' star

Back in 2000, NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens was a member of the San Francisco 49ers and playing against the Dallas Cowboys.

After scoring a touchdown, Owens ran to the middle of the Cowboys field where there was a star, their sacred logo.

Owens put the ball down in the middle of the star and put both arms out in a rebellious celebration meant to taunt the Cowboys and their fans.

When Owens tried to do that a second time, Cowboys safety George Teague hit him hard, knocking him off the star.

#4 - Randy Moss "fake moons" Green Bay Packers fans

During a playoff game in 2005 against the Green Bay Packers, Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss of the Minnesota Vikings caught a touchdown pass near the goalpost at Lambeau Field.

Afterwards, Moss proceeded to turn his back on the Packers fans in the end zone section, pretending to pull his pants down and moon the crowd. The crowd booed as the Vikings gathered around Moss to celebrate.

The NFL has seen many taunts and you can be assured these certainly won't be the last of them.

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