NFL analyst declares NFC East franchise as the saddest in the league

The NFC East welcomes back Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz
The NFC East welcomes back Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz

The NFC East has been widely considered the worst division in the league for quite a few years now. Although the Dallas Cowboys had a good season last year, their elimination from the playoffs ended in what could only be described as a bonehead decision. Dallas would run the ball with no time-outs and just seconds left on the clock.

The Philadelphia Eagles seem to be coming around and have added some pieces that should propel them into a run for the division title. The New York Giants are hoping a new head coach and a healthy Saquon Barkley can get them to a winning season.

As for the Washington Commanders, despite adding Carson Wentz to their lineup, one NFL analyst believes they are the saddest franchise in the league. Danny Heifetz explained his claim on the Ringer Podcast.

"Carson Wentz has to be the saddest of all these things because Washington is the saddest team. And even the Seahawks, it's like no one really feels bad for them they were just really good and relevant for a long time. Washington is so desolate it's so hopeless I feel like even though it's not a battle, Wentz as their quarterback is the saddest thing."

Of course, Heifetz is referring to the single season Wentz gave to the Indianapolis Colts last year. While Wentz had decent stats overall despite his often awful decisions, they were just one game away from clinching a wildcard spot. But after losing against the Raiders the previous week, the Colts were thoroughly dominated by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Commanders have benefited from being in the NFC East, but can Wentz take them further?

Wentz’ return to the NFC East has been met with excitement by the coaching staff of the Commanders. Many analysts even believe he could be a solid upgrade for the team, but that same sentiment was not conveyed when he joined the Colts.

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Perhaps Wentz is being welcomed because the team’s bar is set so low. The Commanders have no recent history of winning. Sure, they’ve won the division for being able to handle the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants, but the NFC East is heating up.

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