NFL commissioner Roger Goodell provides update on investigation regarding Commanders owner Dan Snyder

Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference - Washington owner Dan Snyder
Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference - Washington owner Dan Snyder
Wesley D Keefer

The Washington Commanders may have changed their name and logo, but that doesn't change the fact that there is still an active investigation into their organization and ownership.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't had many updates to share about the ongoing investigation, but he did make a statement on Tuesday regarding team owner Dan Snyder's status.

Roger Goodell says #Commanders owner Dan Snyder “has not been involved in day to day operations, don’t believe he’s been at the team facility at all.” Wife Tanya Snyder represented club here at league meetings. Goodell says he foresees that setup “for the foreseeable future.”

According to Goodell, Dan Snyder has not been seen in the building or even taking part in any daily operations. His wife, Tanya, is said to have stepped into the role of representing ownership of the Commanders during league meetings.

Goodell expects Tanya Snyder to remain in that role for the "foreseeable future". Having Tanya Snyder step up as the face of ownership for the Commanders is a step in the right direction, but it isn't a solution.

The endgame for the entire investigation is for the Snyders to step down as owners of the team. As of right now, the plan is for Dan Snyder to return to his duties in the future.

The NFL has already handed out a $10 million fine to the Commanders for intimidation, sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace. The sexual harassment and assault claims are still a lingering issue that could be the final nail in the coffin for the Snyders.

But as we have seen from the league in the past, they don't swing the hammer down hard enough on these types of allegations/charges.

Should be noted that Dan Snyder was a part of the team's announcement of its new name and uniforms at FedEx Field on Feb.…

Plus, how much can you take from what Roger Goodell says as the truth?

He's had several occasions in the past where he hasn't followed through with his plans and we could easily see Dan Snyder back at the helm in the near future. He was already in the public eye to reveal the team's new name and logo.

Washington Commanders outlook on the field for 2022

We are fully aware that the Washington Commanders will have a new headline each week from their off-the-field situations. As far as the team's state on-the-field, the Commanders do not seem to be any better off.

Their first controversial move of the offseason came when they traded for Carson Wentz.

Washington traded a 2022 second-round and third-round pick as well as a 2023 third-round pick. They gave up all of these picks for a quarterback who had his entire front office turn on him after one season.

They barely have any salary cap to play with and no first-round pick either. Their roster is basically the same as last season's with the exception of Wentz.

The team still has plenty of holes that require attention and Terry McLaurin remains the lone receiver who can do any damage. JD McKissic was the only real positive addition to the roster this offseason.

"I had unfinished business here. Washington is home."@JdMckissic | #TakeCommand

They also allowed Landon Collins, Deshazor Everett, and Matthew Ioannidis to walk in free-agency. Again, without a first-round pick, Washington is limited to how much they can fix their roster prior to the season.

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