NFL's COVID-19 vaccination policy: Why are so many players against getting vaccinated?

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The NFL threw a massive wrench into the upcoming season after announcing its new vaccination policy.

Few NFL players have been outspoken about their stance on receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. Much of the pushback stems from stories they've heard about the vaccine's side effects.

It was all laid to rest after the NFL's new policy put the players' game checks on the line, along with a team having to potentially forfeit a game. The league has placed the ball in the players' court, and they'll now have to make a decision.

Will more players get vaccinated after the new policy?

What are NFL players saying about the vaccination and the new policy?

Buffalo Bills WR Cole Beasley
Buffalo Bills WR Cole Beasley

If there were ever a players' strike over the NFL's vaccination policy, Cole Beasley would be the leader of the pack. The Buffalo Bills wide receiver has been outspoken about his feelings on the COVID-19 vaccine for months.

Beasley has gone to extreme lengths to get his point across. The veteran wide receiver has issued public service announcements on his social media accounts, bombarded Twitter feeds and even went as far as getting into a disagreement with teammate Jerry Hughes Jr.

DeAndre Hopkins is another NFL athlete who is against getting vaccinated. The Cardinals star is avoid getting the dose because his girlfriend's brother had severe heart issues after receiving the vaccine. The wide receiver even said he was contemplating walking away from the NFL before backtracking.

Washington's Montez Sweat is another player who's not entirely sold on the vaccine. The Washington Football Team and the Indianapolis Colts are teams with the lowest vaccination rate in the NFL. Washington head coach Ron Rivera has gone to great lengths to educate his players about the vaccine, but he's still receiving pushback.

Emmanuel Sanders, who received his first dose after the NFL issued its new policy, posted his vaccination card on his Instagram account. The Bills' wideout wrote the following caption below the image:

"Accountability. Availability. I don't have time to deal with no bs during the season. #Chadinggreatness"

With all 32 teams set to commence training camp by July 27th, the NFL knew that they would have to put something together to push the unvaccinated players to get the dose. It'll be interesting to see if the numbers rise or remain the same after training camp.

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