"Should’ve focused on the playbook instead of partying" - NFL fans react to report of Kyler Murray testing COVID positive

NFL fans react to Kyler Murray testing COVID positive
NFL fans react to Kyler Murray testing COVID positive

Despite being nearly three full years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus continues to be a huge problem with no end in sight. Everyone is trying to deal with it as best as possible, but sometimes it can mislay our best made plans.

This includes NFL players like Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray. Murray has contracted the virus and is out for at least the next five days. It's not a bad time for a player to miss time and five days isn't too bad. His symptoms are reportedly minor, so he should be back sooner rather than later.

However, it is a bad time for Murray individually. He has been under fire for his work ethic since his recent contract debacle. Since signing a contract that agreed to four hours a week of homework, he has been heavily criticized. The Cardinals later removed the clause, but the damage was already done.

NFL fans had their own opinions on hearing that the quarterback had contracted COVID. They took to social media in predictable fashion.

Here are the top comments:

Others joked about Murray taking advantage of a little time off.

Many said that this would be a good opportunity for Murray to study.

Others couldn't resist the low hanging fruit in front of them.

All cruelty aside, Kyler Murray should be returning to practice in just a few days.

Why the Arizona Cardinals erred with the homework clause in Kyler Murray's contract

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams

There's been a lot of debate as to why the Arizona Cardinals added such a clause in the first place. The only thing certain is that it's been a disastrous sequence of events. Murray came out and called his critics disrespectful in a press conference shortly after.

The Cardinals chose to walk it back afterwards and remove it. This is unlike any clause seen before in an NFL contract. So why did the Cardinals feel the need to put it there in the first place?

There could be a couple of reasons. The most likely reason is that they didn't feel like Murray was putting in enough time studying at home. He has previously said in an interview that he doesn't feel the need to spend hours watching game film. Arizona obviously disagreed with their quarterback and contractually obligated him to do so.

The second reason is more conspiratorial. Booger McFarland believes there's a chance it was in retaliation to Murray going public with his plan to sit out until he was extended. He also believes that the Cardinals didn't have faith in their quarterback and wanted to either force him or shame him into studying more.


So did the Cardinals know it would blow up and that they would be forced to remove it? Or did they genuinely just want to get Kyler Murray to study more? The latter is far more likely, but it has made them look ridiculous.


The homework clause initially made Kyler Murray look bad and showed that the Cardinals lack trust in their quarterback. In taking it back, they looked weak and foolish. All the while, Kyler Murray is still being looked at sideways by fans, analysts and players alike. All in all, a terrible week's work by the franchise.

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