“How is Josh Allen there?” - NFL fans write off Bills QB in MVP race after losing to Joe Burrow

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
Josh Allen isn't getting much support from fans

Josh Allen is currently licking his wound after losing to Joe Burrow in the divisional round of the 2022-23 NFL playoffs. However, despite getting into the finals for the MVP race, according to NFL on ESPN on Twitter, the quarterback is once again licking his wounds after fans ganged up on him.

A large number of fans scoffed at the quarterback being in the final running while no other names on the list saw backlash.

Here's a look at what fans are saying:

The finalists are in ...Who's your MVP this season? 🏆
@ESPNNFL How is josh allen there, 😂😂
@ESPNNFL Josh Allen on this list come on now
@ESPNNFL @espn Josh Allen on this list
@ESPNNFL Of course Allen is MY MVP. ❤️💙❤️💙 (Not that I think he'll get it 😆)
@ESPNNFL Can we change this to the NFL QB Award
@ESPNNFL In order:PattyJeffersonBurrowHurtsAllen
@ESPNNFL Josh Allen🤡
@ESPNNFL Allen shouldnt be there this year
@ESPNNFL Not Josh allen 🤡
@ESPNNFL What is Josh Turnover doing here

Josh Allen's career takes downturn after 2022 struggles

Josh Allen at AFC Divisional Playoffs
Josh Allen at AFC Divisional Playoffs

When Josh Allen was drafted in 2018, many wrote off the quarterback after a rookie outing that saw him throw for 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. In 2019, the quarterback raised a couple of eyebrows after putting together a 20-touchdown, nine-interception year.


With one more year, the detractors would largely be silenced. In 2020, he threw for 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. While the statistical improvements were noteworthy, his ability to win only got stronger over his first three years. In 2018, his team went 6-10. In 2019, they went 10-6 and lost in the Wild Card round.

In 2020, they reached the AFC Championship, losing just one game before the Super Bowl. In 2021, the team took a step back in losing in the divisional round, but Allen looked much more impressive in the playoffs, going toe-to-toe with Patrick Mahomes and matching even his best punches.

In 2022, many expected the team to finally break through to the Super Bowl. Instead, while the Bills matched their most successful season since drafting the quarterback, they fell short in the Divisional Round to Joe Burrow.

Brian Daboll Effect:Josh Allen was known as turnover prone QB as a rookie. Daboll then coached it out of him, resulting in an MVP-like season in 2021.Daniel Jones had NFL-leading 65 INTs+Fumbles prior to 2022.Now? Allen led NFL in turnovers, Jones only had 5 INTs.

Meanwhile, during the season, many started to credit Brian Daboll with Allen's success. The two went their separate ways after the 2021 season and the Bills quarterback started to regress partway through the season.

At the same time, Daniel Jones, who Daboll joined in New York, started to reach a pace that had not been seen before.


During the Bengals game, wide receiver Stefon Diggs was seen yelling at the Bills quarterback on the sideline during the contest. Those who followed Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. last season can see the similarities here. An unhappy receiver dealing with a quarterback who isn't playing at the top of his game puts the team in dangerous waters.

Will Josh Allen be able to right the ship in 2023, or is this just the first sign of things to come?

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