“Organizational failure” – NFL fans can’t believe how badly Ravens failed Lamar Jackson after latest report

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams
Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams

It's no secret that the Baltimore Ravens have asked Lamar Jackson to do a lot with very little on offense since he was named the starter. He has often piloted talent-poor offenses into the playoffs and has not received nearly enough credit for it.

A new report shows just how little the Ravens helped Jackson. According to Warren Sharp, the Ravens have spent less than any other team on offense in the Jackson era.

Per Sharp, these teams have spent the most on offense in those four years to varying degrees of success:

  • 1. IND - $409M
  • 2. DAL - $407M
  • 3. GB - $404M
  • 4. TB - $400M
  • 5. CLE - $393M
  • 6. LV - $387M
  • 7. TEN -$385M
  • 8. LAC - $378M
  • 9. WAS - $363M
  • 10. SF - $357M

The bottom five are:

  • 28. CAR - $293M
  • 29. MIA - $279M
  • 30. PIT - $275M
  • 31. DEN - $265M
  • 32. BAL - $263M

Remarkably, the Ravens have spent less than any other team in the NFL on offense and still produced a dynamic offense year in and year out.

Jackson, who has been asked to do a lot with little every single year, has quite literally had the least offensive help of any NFL quarterback. Fans were shocked by this report.

The Ravens haven't given Jackson any help, and now they're hesitant to pay him any money. On a rookie deal, it's very easy to surround a quarterback with talent, but the Ravens didn't even do that.


Now, they might lose their quarterback in free agency and have all the money they want to spend and nothing to spend it on.

Could Lamar Jackson leave the Ravens?

Based on this report, it would be understandable if Lamar Jackson wanted to leave the Ravens, but he doesn't. He wants to stay, he just also wants to get what he's worth and have it guaranteed.

Will Lamar Jackson leave the Baltimore Ravens?
Will Lamar Jackson leave the Baltimore Ravens?

It's fair for Jackson, after what he has done for the team, to ask for that. The Ravens just seem hesitant to give it to him.

This puts their future in jeopardy, but the most likely outcome is still that Jackson is in Baltimore next year. It's just not a guarantee anymore.

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