Patrick Mahomes gets candid on Jalen Hurts’ Eagles ‘tush-push’ play’s dominance - “It’s an advantage for them”

Patrick Mahomes is a fan of Jalen Hurts
Patrick Mahomes is a fan of Jalen Hurts' sneak/tush-push play

As seen many times before, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is quite possibly among the best among NFL quarterbacks today at the sneak, or "tush-push"; and even Patrick Mahomes can only watch on in awe.

Recently, former quarterback and current analyst Chris Simms courted controversy when he outlined a rather gruesome plan to stop the Eagles star's signature move:

“If I was a defensive coach, I would be going headhunting on the quarterback here. Go ahead, let them have it. Dive over, go crazy, and try to kill the quarterback... I mean, make them pay and make them think twice about doing that.”

Amidst backlash over those comments, some have also called for the play to be banned entirely, but until then, Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs will watch Hurts and the Eagles do their thing, as he said during Wednesday's press conference:

“It’s an advantage for them. You see, other teams really try to do it, and they can’t do it as well as they do. It speaks to their offensive line and speaks to their quarterback. They know how to do it at a really high level. They’ve practiced and worked on it."

Patrick Mahomes discusses on-field chemistry with Travis Kelce

In the same press conference, Patrick Mahomes also touched upon his long-standing connection with Travis Kelce. The tight end has been playing with the Chiefs since 2013, but he did not truly enter the national consciousness until his current quarterback became the starter five seasons later.

Since then, the two have won two Super Bowl titles in three appearances and made multiple Pro Bowls and All-Pro teams together. Mahomes told the reporters how he and Kelce have become such a formidable duo:

“I don’t know why, I just kind of understand what is going to do – some stuff that he isn’t supposed to do. There are times in practice where we were thinking about making a call for that when we get that look, for him to run that route.
He has a good understanding of the whole entire concept, he understands the coverages, takes a lot of reps, and I just try to develop that trust that wherever I see it one way, he is going to do it that way.”

The Chiefs visit the New York Jets on Sunday, with one very important person expected to be in attendance: Taylor Swift, Kelce's rumored new partner has also seemingly befriended Mahomes' wife Brittany.

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