NFL: Twitter reacts to Miles Sanders' comments about Eagles benching Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles running back Miles Sanders
Philadelphia Eagles running back Miles Sanders
Walter Sharp

In Week 17 of the 2020 NFL Season, the Washington Football Team and Philadelphia Eagles met on "Sunday Night Football."

If Washington won the game, they clinched the NFC East and a playoff spot. If the Eagles won, the New York Giants would head to the playoffs as the NFC East champs.

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson would sit starting quarterback Jalen Hurts early in the fourth quarter. This took everyone by surprise -- even some of the Eagles players were lost for words. When Hurts left the Week 17 game, the Eagles were only down three points.

Washington would go on and add a field goal and go up 20-14 in the fourth quarter. The Eagles entered backup QB Nate Sudfeld in hopes he would lead them to a victory. Once everyone had seen Sudfeld in, they knew the game was over. Philadelphia waived the white flag on the 2020 NFL Season and eliminated the Giants before the final whistle.

Let's take a look at how both Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants players reacted to the unexpected benching of Jalen Hurts.

The tank job by the Philadelphia Eagles

Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth expressed their feelings on what the Eagles did on Sunday Night Football. Some fans on Twitter said it made the game more exciting. Philadelphia had numerous opportunities to win the football game on Sunday. It was 4th and 1 and just when the Philadelphia Eagles looked like they were going to get a stop, they jump offsides giving Washington a first down.

Eagles running back Miles Sanders went on the 94 WIP, a sports radio show in Philadelphia that covers all Philly sports. During the interview, Sanders would throw this comment out:

"Man if I'm being honest, nobody liked the decision, nobody. That's all I can say really. I don't know who was the main person behind that decision. All I know is that a lot of people on the team was confused."

This could be true but the way it sounds is that Miles Sanders was coached before he went on the show. New York Giants players and fan base were furious with the decision and felt like they were screwed out of their chance at the playoffs. If there are any WWE fans out there this was the biggest tank since Brett Hart vs Shawn Michaels.

Here are the reactions on Twitter from the New York Giants players after Jalen Hurts was pulled from the Sunday Night Football game:

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