Prominent NFL analysts give their take on Tom Brady's future venture into broadcasting

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams
Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams
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Once Tom Brady finishes the greatest playing career American sport has ever seen, the 7x Super Bowl champion will receive a pay rise in a profession he has yet to try.

Congrats on the mediocre career, Tom Brady 🤣 @hawk

Once the greatest of all time hangs up his cleats, he'll be talking about the game instead of playing it. He is set to join FOX Sports on a reported $375 million deal.


Based on how successful Tony Romo has been in the role, there are high hopes for the smooth-talking quarterback. Among those bullish on his broadcasting ambitions are CBS' Jim Nantz and ESPN's new Monday Night Football broadcasting team, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

NFL analysts are bullish on Tom Brady's broadcasting future

Nantz focused on a similar mindset in preparing for on-field dominance as to why Brady will be just fine on television:

“He’ll be very well prepared. That goes without saying. I think he’ll be very good. I don’t have any question about it. I’m thrilled that he’s going to have a voice in the sport."

He went on to say:

"I think what’s happened here recently is that everybody has realized that that platform, being an elite analyst on one of the very few, handful of packages in the NFL, it’s a big deal. And you’re extremely relevant and people are listening to everything you say. And Tom will be up to the challenge.”
"He'll be very well prepared, that goes without saying."People were unsure how @tonyromo would be at calling #NFL games but Jim Nantz knew he'd be a home run and the @CBSSports voice has a similar feeling about @TomBrady:#NFL #GoBucs

In the ESPN press room, Joe Buck said any bet against Brady is automatically a bad beat:

“Somebody said to me the other day, we as fans need a sports person to tell us where all these sports announcers are ending up. It’s been kind of crazy. It’s been exciting on this end of the business."

He went on to say:

"As far as Brady, would anybody ever bet against the guy being great at anything? He’s kind of cornered the market in that. I think it’ll be a steep learning curve, and I’m sure he’ll be fantastic. I tend to root for everybody right on down the line. I genuinely feel happy for him.”

During the same presser, Troy Aikman gave his fellow NFL legend Brady respect for never taking the easy way out and seeing hard-earned rewards as a result:

“I have nothing but respect for Tom. Tom has won at everything he’s done in life, and there’s no reason to think that he won’t win at this, as well."

He concluded by saying:

"The reason I believe that he’s going to be good is that he’s going to work. There’s a reason why he’s won seven Super Bowls and it’s because he doesn’t take any shortcuts and he’s not going to in broadcasting.”

It's unknown how long it'll be before Tom Brady is in the booth, but important and relevant industry figures believe that once he gets there, he'll be ready to translate his on-field success into his new job.

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