"That was the time when he didn't shake my hand" - Ryan Fitzpatrick names making Tom Brady angry among most memorable moments of his career

New York Jets v New England Patriots
New York Jets v New England Patriots
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Ryan Fitzpatrick has announced his retirement from the NFL, after a career that spaned 17 years and nine different teams. Over the course of this period, "Fitzmagic" has become one of the league's most colourful and beloved characters.


He recently appeared on Adam Schefter’s podcast to discuss his career highlights, selecting a time when he made Tom Brady angry as one of his favourites.

Here's what he had to say on the subject:

"We hadn't beat New England in a long time. We beat him 34 to 31 and that was when Tom Brady didn't shake my hand..."

He continued:

"This was a running joke for the last 10 years of my career that every game was a revenge game because every game you know, I had played for the other team."

The Harvard-educated former quarterback is certainly an intriguing individual and was widely regarded as one of the most intelligent players in the NFL. However, the one thing everyone wants to talk about is Tom Brady's apparent reluctance to shake his hand.

🎥 Ryan Fitzpatrick reveals Tom Brady's handshake problem is worse than believed

So this is not the first time in recent weeks that the journeyman quarterback has had to answer questions in relation to Handshake-gate. During an appearance on the ESPN+ series American Caddie, Fitzpatrick went into greater detail stating:

"Beating Tom Brady, after the first time, because after the first time he didn’t shake my hand. I was on the Jets, and I had to chase him down on the 50-yard line. Apparently he hates losing more than everybody else hates losing. When he does lose, I want a handshake."

Is Ryan Fitzpatrick the ultimate journeyman?

The Harvard graduate was a seventh-round selection for the St. Louis Rams (now Los Angeles Rams), and it is likely he was considered little more than a gamble, with little chance of making the final roster.

But he did make it, and by week six he was the primary backup. His debut provided the first sprinkle of his famous magic.


With the Rams starter injured, Fitzpatrick entered the game late in the first half. Trailing 24-3 at the half, Fitzpatrick led them to a 33–27 overtime win. This was the beauty of Fitzpatrick, he was capable of moments of unquestionable brilliance but on the whole was mainly a reliable back-up.

If Ryan Fitzpatrick has retired, this is our final #NFL memory of him.Shirtless at a #Bills playoff game, the one where they blew out the Patriots in the perfect offensive performance. Via (@teeforton)Legend.

Another example of him at his best was a scintillating 49-31 comeback win against the Cincinnati Bengals when playing for the Buffalo Bills. People will remember these moments, but what fans will also remember is the gaudy outfits, shirtless nights spent partying with fans, the majestic beard and also the handshakes.

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