"Best business decision for himself " - Shannon Sharpe backs Randy Gregory's backstab decision

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory
Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory
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Randy Gregory was a pending free agent at the start of the 2022 NFL offseason. He reportedly agreed to a brand new deal with the Dallas Cowboys, but things took a strange turn. After the Cowboys insisted on including details in their contract about personal conduct, Gregory backed out of the deal before officially signing it.

From @NFLTotalAccess: About Randy Gregory's plot twist...

Shortly after backing out of the Cowboys' offer, Gregory signed a contract to join the Denver Broncos. Skip Bayless, a famous and outspoken Cowboys fan, expressed his frustration with the situation on Undisputed. His partner Shannon Sharpe disagreed and took Randy Gregory's side in the case.

Here's what Shannon Sharpe had to say about it:

"I don't know the very moment that it transpired that billionaires and teams have been able to convince their fan base, that if a player does something that's in the best interest of themselves, they're selfish, they don't care about winning. When teams cut players with three years left on a five-year contract, when they cut players with two years left on a contract. All they say is business, fans except that what Randy Gregory did was make the best business decision for himself and his family. And Skip Bayless and others have a problem with that. I do not. So look, it's not the loss that you think it is just yet. Von Miller is still out there. Chandler Jones is still out there. Za'Darius Smith is out there. I don't think you're going to be nearly as upset if you land Chandler Jones, if you land Von Miller or Za'Darius Smith, I think you'll be okay. But if you don't, you're gonna be in big big trouble, buddy." - Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed


Sharpe is a former NFL player, so that may be why he is backing Randy Gregory and his pursuit of what he believes is the best overall decision for himself and his family. Sharpe is also a former member of the Denver Broncos, which could also have something to do with it.

Shannon Sharpe warns Skip Bayless about the Cowboys' situation after losing Randy Gregory

NFL media personality Shannon Sharpe
NFL media personality Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe offered a simple solution to the Cowboys' apparent problem. He suggested that the Cowboys sign one of the other top pass rushers in free agency, Von Miller, Chandler Jones, and Za'Darius Smith. They currently have more than 20 million dollars in available cap space, so they can afford to make a move.

Why should the #Cowboys pursue Von Miller? They could have the monster defense that can rush the passer in all situations and take the pressure off of Dak Prescott. For Von? Home outside of Dallas, no state income tax, Micah Parsons and DeMarcus Lawrence. Stay tuned

Randy Gregory has recorded 15.5 sacks, and 44 quarterback hits in 36 games over the last three seasons. Shannon Sharpe believes the Cowboys need to replace his production in the 2022 NFL season. He warned Skip Bayless that the Cowboys could potentially be in danger of regression if they elect not to.

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