Shannon Sharpe looks back on unceremonious exit from Undisputed after Skip Bayless beef: "It hurt me"

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Shannon Sharpe recently discussed his departure from "Undisputed".

It was just about a year ago that Shannon Sharpe announced that he would be departing FS1's "Undisputed" after the NBA Finals. The Hall of Fame tight end is finally opening up about his departure from the morning show after he had issues with former co-host Skip Bayless.

Sharpe spoke to Jerome D. Love on the "Black Money Trees Podcast" and was asked about the time that led up to his departure from the show.

"To say that it didn't hurt to leave because it did," Sharpe said. "Because of what I put into that and that's why it hurts see the greater the expectation the greater the hurt that comes along when it doesn't work out.
That's why parents get upset with kids, when your kid doesn't fulfil what you have expected of them it hurts you more. It hurt me to lose because I had put so much into that job. And so now I look at it, I say, ‘Now I'm no longer the talent you can't fire me from Shay Shay Media because I own it." [2:27 minute mark].

Sharpe said that leaving "Undisputed" hurt because he felt that he poured everything he had into it. He said that now, with his own "Club Shay Shay" and "Night Cap" podcasts and his own Shay Shay media company, he owns them, so he can't get fired because he is the boss.

Shannon Sharpe called out Tony Romo's broadcasting style

On the "Night Cap" podcast, Shannon Sharpe and co-host, former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson discussed Tony Romo's broadcasting style. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback turned CBS broadcaster is known for predicting plays before they happen.

Johnson enjoyed that aspect, while Shannon Sharpe didn't care for it.

“I like Tony Romo because Tony played the game at such a high level. When plays are developing I love how he calls the play before it happens,” Johnson said.
“You’re robbing the fans listening at home of that opportunity. Now, some fans, they love that. They love, 'Oh, Tony says it’s gonna be a run, Tony says it’s gonna be a pass,'" said Sharpe
"Well … it can’t be but one of the two. You can either run the ball or you can throw the ball. … You ever come to the line and hear the defense, ‘Watch the run! Watch the pass!’ Well, damn, you got a 50/50 chance!”

Shannon Sharpe also believed that Tony Romo, who has worked with CBS since 2017, has the opportunity to see the plays practiced ahead of each game, which could tip him off as to what the team will be doing in the game.

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