"I give them an F" - Shannon Sharpe on grade for Dallas Cowboys' offseason moves

Shannon Sharpe gives Jerry Jones and Co. a failing grade
Shannon Sharpe gives Jerry Jones and Co. a failing grade

FOX Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe has never been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

So it's no surprise, when asked how he would grade the team's offseason moves, it wouldn't be good.

Sharpe gave the Cowboys' offseason moves an "F." He, then, discussed the reasons why he gave them this grade.

"I gave them an F. We've been saying this all along. We didn't need Bleacher Report. We've been saying they've gotten worse. Okay, to replace Amari Cooper, they got James Washington, who's averaged 27 yards a game in his four-year career. They replaced Randy Gregory with Dante Fowler, who has five sacks in his last 20 games. And the Cowboy fans, Cowboy nation, whatever you call yourself. You're excited about those acquisitions?"

If you ask most Dallas fans, they will tell Sharpe they aren't pleased so far with what the team has done; in fact, most are furious.

Most fans weren't pleased that the Cowboys basically gave away, arguably, their best wide receiver to the Browns for draft picks. They were also not pleased with the fact that Dallas didn't sign Bobby Wagner, who they were in negotiations with, but he eventually signed with the L.A. Rams.

Dallas hasn't exactly done a terrific job so far this offseason, but things could change.

The Dallas Cowboys' draft will be crucial

Micah Parsons at the 2021 NFL Draft
Micah Parsons at the 2021 NFL Draft

Maybe Jerry Jones' plan is to clean up in the draft since it doesn't look like they are going to do much in free agency.

It worked last year. Dallas ended up getting Defensive Rookie of the Year Micah Parsons, who was the anchor for the Cowboys defense last season.

The Cowboys have several needs that need to be filled. For example, on the offensive line, they need another wide receiver and safety.

They are reportedly looking at drafting Kenyon Green, who is an offensive lineman out of Texas A&M as their first pick. They are also looking at defensive end Sam Williams out of Ole Miss in the second round. These are just a few players to look for in this upcoming draft for Dallas.

If they can shore up some holes on this team throughout the draft, all can be forgiven. But so far, the moves by this team can be called questionable at best.

The season may be on the line for several players this year and the coaching staff. Jerry Jones was not pleased with the way the 2021 season ended. Needless to say, a lot will be riding on this year.

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