"That bonehead shouldn't be anywhere near a football field" - Eli and Peyton Manning's Pro Bowl captain choices upset NFL fans

The Pro Bowl Games will replace the NFL Pro Bowl this year and Eli and Peyton Manning announced their team captains, and fans weren
The Pro Bowl Games will replace the NFL Pro Bowl this year and Eli and Peyton Manning announced their team captains, and fans weren't pleased with their decision.

The NFL Pro Bowl Games will debut this season as a new and exciting way for fans to watch some of the top players in the league showcase their athletic talents.

A few months ago, Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning were announced as the coaches of the AFC and NFC respectively.

On Thursday, Peyton and Eli announced who the captains would be for each team in the Pro Bowl Games.


Peyton Manning will team up with rapper Snoop Dogg for the AFC. Eli Manning, meanwhile, will team up with comedian and actor Pete Davidson for the NFC. Snoop is a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, while Davidson has declared in the past that he grew up as a New York Giants fan and is still a big supporter of the team.

.@SnoopDogg & Peyton Manning with the AFC.Pete Davidson and @EliManning with the NFC.The official captains of the #ProBowlGames. 🔥📺: #ProBowlGames live from Vegas -- Sunday, Feb. 5 at 12pm PT on ESPN

While both Snoop and Davidson will bring a lot of comedic relief and entertainment to the Pro Bowl Games, some NFL fans weren't happy. Some believe that the fact that neither of them are professional athletes will bring down the program.

While some agreed that Snoop was a good choice, others weren't happy with Davidson being a part of the event.

A number of NFL fans were also unhappy with the new format for the Pro Bowl and felt that announcing Davidson and Snoop as captains won't help the ratings and/or encourage people to watch the telecast.

@NFL @SnoopDogg @EliManning This is comedy right? Pete Davison that bone head shouldn't be anywhere near a football field. Snoop is cool though
NFL really missed on that one…
I hate this i hate everything about this why of all people HIM why him god why god i'm gonna have a breakdown…
@NFL @SnoopDogg @EliManning Throwback to when the ProBowl was worth watching
NFL might as well just pick random people off the streets lolSnoop Dogg I kinda understand, but PETE?…
@NFL @SnoopDogg @EliManning Hell yeah this is definitely gonna get me to watch 🤟
How is this real?? 😂😂😂…
@NFL @SnoopDogg @EliManning You guys are begging us not to watch at this point
Someone help me on why Pete is gettin to be a captain?…

How will the NFL Pro Bowl games work?

After years of complaints from NFL fans that the Pro Bowl was boring and not worth watching, the league announced earlier this year that they would be changing the format.

The games will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, just like last season, on February 5, 2023.

This is tremendous. The 2023 Pro Bowl Games skills competitions are out and… I can’t wait to tell my kids when they get home from school that NFL players will play all their games

The new format will feature several events with the AFC facing off against the NFC. Players selected to play in the games will compete in six skill-based competitions, which include a "Best Catch", a defensive and offensive lineman strength competition, a speed competition and even a relay race.

The event will be capped off with a flag football game with the AFC facing off against the NFC.


The main event will also showcase live music throughout for fan entertainment. While NFL fans still feel a little unsure about the format and perhaps even the selection process, the new event will definitely be something to watch.

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