Tom Brady drops truth bomb on rumors of stunning NFL return with Raiders

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Tom Brady answered his retirement rumors

Even though Tom Brady purchased a minority stake to be an owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, the rumors that he'd come back to play football again persisted. In fact, they got stronger - especially with Jimmy Garoppolo's injury. Now, the legendary quarterback is attempting to put those rumors to rest.

He made sure to specify when he initially retired that it was for good this time. Now, he's having to double down and once again confirm that he's not coming back.

He said:

"I'm certain I'm not playing again. So, I've tried to make that clear and I hate to continue to profess that cause I've already told people that lots of times, but I'm looking forward to my broadcasting job at FOX next year."

He continued, stressing that he's a full-time father now:

"I'm looking forward to the opportunity ahead with the Raiders and we're in the process of that, along with the other different things I'm a part of professionally and in my personal life. Just spending as much time with my kids as I can and seeing them grow up and support the different things they have going on. That's a very important job and I take them all pretty seriously."

Brady has heard the rumors, and it seems as if he's grown fairly tired of having to repeat himself.

Tom Brady is not coming back

Despite any and everyone in the media claiming they believed Tom Brady might come back and detailing how it was all possible despite being a part-owner of the Raiders, Brady is not coming back.

Tom Brady silenced the rumors.
Tom Brady silenced the rumors.

There is proven to be no truth to those rumors as Brady set the record straight. He's done in the NFL, hanging it up after perhaps the best career in all of sports. He's got more than enough to hang his hat on and has no interest in returning.

With being a father, a broadcaster with FOX, and a team owner, he has more than enough on his plate to keep him away from the NFL as a player.

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