Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen rumored to have attended couples therapy to save marriage: "They could barely speak to each other"

Tom Brady and Gisele attended couples therapy
Tom Brady and Gisele attended couples therapy

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen seem to be facing serious marital problems. Apparently, being the NFL's star couple comes with its own set of problems. The issues, however, seem to have been brewing for some time.

When Brady and Bundchen met in 2006, they instantly hit it off. The quarterback was with the New England Patriots at the time and working towards becoming the GOAT. Bundchen, meanwhile, was one of the most recognizable and highest-paid models in the world. She had already appeared in Vogue and walked the runway for Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana.

According to a recent report by Radar Online, the couple had some major disagreements a few years into their marriage. Brady reportedly carried his stress from the football field into his house, which bothered Bundchen. The two reportedly went to couples therapy to sort out their issues.

"Things got so bad after Deflategate that they could barely speak to each other," a source was quoted as saying by Radar Online. "Tom got irritable under the stress, and she started blaming him for all their unhappiness, much of which was there before the scandal. Counseling was her ultimatum."
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Gisele Bundchen reportedly flew to Costa Rica after major disagreement with Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Gisele at New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
Tom Brady and Gisele at New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams

Although Brady and Bundchen have had their fair share of problems, their most recent fight could be a little more serious. The former supermodel has apparently left their family home in Florida and made her way to Costa Rica following a disagreement with the quarterback.

Interestingly, Brady's decision to unretire and play another season seems to be where the problem stems from. Bundchen apparently wanted Brady to prioritize their family and was angry when he decided to return for another season.

The reports fueled speculation among fans, with many claiming that it could lead to the end of their marriage.

Brady was reported to be "sad" over the current situation, with the fight hampering his preparations for the new season. According to Radar Online, Bundchen's friends even asked her to rethink her prenup agreement with Brady.

It's rumored that this could be related to Brady's $375 million Fox Sports deal.

The deal will only come into play once he retires. As of now, Tom Brady will likely be focused on reconciling with Bundchen before embarking on another NFL season.

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