“Tom Brady would be worth his weight in gold" - TV networks in bidding war for NFL GOAT 

New York Giants v New England Patriots
New York Giants v New England Patriots

Tom Brady shocked the sporting world by announcing his retirement from the NFL recently after 22 seasons in the league. Although his playing career has ended, the seven-time Super Bowl champion may begin a career in broadcasting.

If the rumors are to be believed, he could be about to land a massive TV deal, which could see him earn up to $25 million per year.

According to Front Office Sports, TV networks are pursuing Brady's services with bids as high as the $25 million mark.

One FOS source stated that:

"Brady would be worth his weight in gold. The opening bid would be $20 million a year — and it could go as high as $25 million. That would be for either games or the studio. There’s no way in hell Brady would make less than (CBS’ Tony) Romo."

For context, Tony Romo, who is an announcer for CBS Sports, ranks as the sport's highest-paid announcer at $18 million per year.

Another source, Eric Weinberger, a former executive producer for NFL Network, was quoted as saying:

"I feel like Disney should, at least, try him. Throw a huge deal at him for content, then have him do MNF with a big star play-by-player."

Sports marketing expert Bob Dorfman agreed that his services would be sought after by every broadcaster, saying:

"You’d see an all-out blitz by every company with an NFL interest to sign him. It would take 8 figures to get the GOAT to sign a multi-year deal."

Would Tom Brady consider becoming a TV announcer for the NFL?

The compensation being quoted for this role is astronomical, and although $25 million per year sure sounds like a sum no one could turn down, the future Hall of Fame quarterback doesn't exactly need the money.

According to Forbes, he has made $450 million in his career, which makes him the NFL's all-time earnings leader. He hasn't just made money on the field either. His various endorsements and sponsors have earned him an NFL-record $45 million off the field this season.

His retirement probably still feels a little raw. It's difficult to replace the feeling that professional sports gives you, particularly after a 22-year career: the highs and lows, the locker-room environment, constantly focusing every single day in order to compete at the highest level that the NFL demands.

In his retirement announcement, he stated he wanted to spend more time with his wife and family, and although it wouldn't be as much of a commitment as playing, it would still require certain demands that Brady may not want to give.

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